DIR Announces Expedited Bulk Purchase Process

Jun 16 2017

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) is pleased to announce an expedited bulk purchase/lease ofpersonal computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, peripherals, accessories, and related services. With the passage and immediate effective date of S.B. 261 from the recently concluded legislative session, DIR may now contract for the bulk purchase of information technology commodity items intended for use by more than one state agency, without being constrained by certain dollar limitations that may otherwise have precluded a bulk purchase.

By tapping into our existing contractual vehicles through our Cooperative Contracts program, DIR anticipates a much-shortened procurement process. At the conclusion of vendor negotiations, customers will be able to issue purchase orders beginning in August 2017.  It is our intent that the time period for placing orders will cross fiscal years, so agencies will be able to use either Fiscal Year 2017 or Fiscal Year 2018 dollars toward these purchases.

DIR will work with interested customers to determine common device configurations. The bulk purchase initiative will also include peripherals and accessories (e.g., monitors, laptop cases, docking stations) and related services (e.g., imaging, tagging, implementation).

There is no minimum order quantity under the bulk purchase. Regardless of the number of items purchased, each customer will pay the same, discounted, unit price.

Rider 9.04 of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) also directs DIR to coordinate information technology bulk purchases of
personal computers, laptops, and tablets; productivity software; and seat management services.

In the coming weeks, DIR will survey customers’ interest in productivity software and seat management services. By using the combined purchasing power of all interested customers, we hope to secure the best value for the state under this, and future, bulk purchases. If you are interested in more information, timelines, or have any questions, please contact Kelly Parker, Cooperative Contracts Director, at Kelly.Parker@dir.texas.gov or (512) 475-1647.

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