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​Frequently A​sked Questions

Updated February 2015

​Texas Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council (TCEEDC)

When was the Council created?

The Texas Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council (Council) was created by Senate Bill 988 (82R), sponsored by Senator Leticia Van De Putte. The proposed legislation established the council through September 1, 2013.  In 2013, the Legislature authorized the executive director of DIR to continue the TCEEDC through September 1, 2015, designate a Cybersecurity Coordinator, and provide the Cybersecurity Coordinator the authority to establish a private industry-government council.

Who is on the Council?

The Council is composed of the following members, who are appointed by the executive director of DIR:

  • One representative from DIR;
  • One representative from the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office in the office of the governor;
  • Two representatives from institutions of higher education with cybersecurity-related programs;
  • One representative from a public junior college, as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code, with a cybersecurity-related program;
  • One state military forces liaison experienced in the cybersecurity field; and
  • Three representatives from chamber of commerce organizations or businesses who have a cybersecurity background.

What will the Council do?

The council was created to leverage public/private partnerships to improve the infrastructure of the state’s cybersecurity operations, to examine strategies to accelerate the growth of cybersecurity as an industry within Texas, and to encourage industry members to call Texas “home.”

What authority was granted to the Council?

Initially the council’s sole purpose and authority was to produce a  report for state leadership in 2012.  The council's role was later expanded to establish the Cybersecurity Coordinator and provide the Cybersecurity Coordinator the authority to establish a private industry-government council.

What role does DIR​ play?

DIR will not provide guidance to the council other than through the regular council duties associated with the single chair it occupies. DIR provides administrative support to the council and is available to be called upon by the council to the extent that DIR has subject matter expertise that the council requires. The DIR executive director also designated the Cybersecurity Coordinator.

Are repo​rts available from the Council?

Yes, however, due to the potentially sensitive nature of work being done by the council, only approved work product/documentation is posted on its website. Requests for release of information can be made to Robert Armstrong, Public Information Officer. Requests will be administratively coordinated by the DIR PIO, however requests will be processed by the council membership.