Network Security Services

​DIR provides the following information security services when an agency utilizes DIR-provided internet services. Please contact with any questions.

  • Network Security Monitoring, Alerting, and Analysis Services These services provide early warning for attempted intrusions and cyber-attacks, as well as alerts to authorities that facilitate appropriate countermeasures. Advantages include:
    • Saves time with event correlation
    • Integrates security analysis
    • Saves money through reduced risk
    • Meets audit requirements
    • Prevents attacks and provides early warning
  • Network Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) This service proactively identifies and blocks known threats to network security. The IPS not only watches network traffic, but also takes immediate action based on the network administrator’s set of rules.  An IPS:
    • Prevents malicious activities at multi-gigabit speeds
    • Mitigates detected threats
    • Blocks millions of attacks monthly
    • Integrates with Vulnerability Assessment Service