Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a new offering within DIR’s Shared Services program to provide uniform and consistent management of state data security. IT Security is an increasingly critical priority for state and local governments, requiring heightened awareness to malicious threats and an expanded focus on the technology protecting sensitive information. In addition to ensuring secure computing environments, government entities are under never-ending requirements to meet rising constituent needs, do more with less, and increase the value they deliver to the public. 

Whether you’re a state agency, public institution of higher education, local government, municipal, higher education, or a public school district, MSS assists you in consolidating security services, meeting legislative security requirements, mitigating security risks, and filling gaps in skillsets to provide a secure computing environment for your business and to deliver more effective services for your constituents.

Note: Participants in the Data Center Services (DCS) program already receive enterprise security services within the Consolidated Data Centers (CDCs) and DCS Public Cloud environment. However, MSS offers additional security-related services to meet individual business needs. See the MSS FAQ and MSS Service Matrix for additional details and which MSS services are available for DCS customers. 

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