Texas Cybersecurity, Education and Economic Development Council


The Texas Cybersecurity, Education and Economic Development Council (TCEEDC) was created to leverage public/private partnerships to examine the infrastructure of the state’s cybersecurity operations with the intent to produce strategies to accelerate the growth of cybersecurity as an industry within Texas, and to encourage industry members to call Texas “home.”


The original objective of the TCEEDC was to submit a report by December 1, 2012, making recommendations to the executive director of the Texas Department of Information Resources regarding:

  • Improving the infrastructure of the state’s cybersecurity operations with existing resources and through partnerships between government, business, and institutions of higher education
  • Specific actions to accelerate the growth of cybersecurity as an industry in the state

With the two-year extension of the TCEEDC by SB 1101 (83R), its objective is to identify what actions are in progress to ensure forward movement by the state in implementing the recommendations identified in the 2012 report.

At the conclusion of the extended term, the TCEEDC will prepare a status report regarding the implementation of the recommendations and the state of cybersecurity efforts in Texas.


The Texas Legislature authorized the creation of the TCEEDC in 2011. In 2013, the Legislature authorized the executive director of DIR to continue the TCEEDC through September 1, 2015, designate a Cybersecurity Coordinator, and provide the Cybersecurity Coordinator the authority to establish a private industry-government council.

Council Structure​

The council membership is composed of participation tiers that limit the leadership and decision making authority to a select and specific group defined as Council Members, and a broad and open participation group defined as Council Partners. The council will be led by the Cybersecurity Coordinator, as designated by the DIR executive director, who retains the authority for designation of the Cybersecurity Coordinator / Council Chair should for any reason the role require a replacement.

Council Membership

  • David Abarca, Council Member
    Information Security Program Director, Del Mar College
  • Robert Butler, Council Member
    Vice President of Government Strategies, IO
  • Frederick Chang, Council Member
    Distinguished Chair Cybersecurity, Southern Methodist University
  • Mary Dickerson, Council Chair
    CISO, University of Houston/University of Houston System
  • Eddie Block, Council Member
    Interim CISO State of Texas, DIR
  • Keith Graf, Council Member
    Office of the Governor
  • Brian Hammerness, Council Member
    Colonel, Texas Army National Guard
  • Sam Segran, Council Member
    CIO, Texas Tech University
  • Gregory White, Council Vice-Chair
    Director, CIAS, UT-San Antonio

Ex-Officio Members

  • Todd Kimbriel, Interim Executive Director, DIR
  • Martin Zelinsky, General Counsel, DIR 
  • Amy Baillargeon, Government Relations, DIR
  • Mary Beth Burnside, Council Secretariat, DIR
  • Tim Martin, Invited Participant, Southwest Research Institute


The council will meet quarterly, or at other regular intervals agreed by the members. Additional meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the chair.


Mary E. Dickerson, MBA, CISSP, CISM, PMP – TCEEDC Chair
University of Houston | University of Houston System
Email: mdickerson@uh.edu
Telephone: 832-842-4679

Gregory B. White, Ph.D. – TDEEDC Vice-Chair
Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Email: greg.white@utsa.edu
Telephone: 210-458-6307

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