Telecom Exemption

Through 08/31/2017

State agencies are granted an exemption for the procurement of Telecom Services that are not a part of TEX-AN or the Capitol Complex Telephone System (CCTS). The following services are included in this exemption:

  • Cellular devices and service (applies only to devices bought with corresponding service, e.g., cell phones, Blackberries, air cards, etc.)
  • Pager devices and service
  • Local telephone service
  • Over the phone interpretation service

The specific IT Commodity codes for this exemption are listed below.

726-70 – Pagers, Radio (including parts and accessories)
839-35 – Cellular Telephones (All Types)
839-63 – Radio Telephones (Including Cellular Type for Vehicle, Marine, Personal, etc.)
915-05 – Answering/Paging Services
915-75 – Telephone Services, Cellular
915-77 – Telephone Services, Local
961-17 – Interpreter Services – Electronically Assisted – Foreign Language, Hearing Impaired, etc.

Telecom Services Exemption Request

State agencies that wish to purchase communications services through an avenue other than DIR Telecom should use this form to request an exemption.

If you have questions about DIR Telecom exemptions, please email or call 512-463-7800.

NOTE: Exemption Requests for Telecom Services (TEX-AN and CCTS) should now be submitted electronically.