Cooperative Contracts

To find a Cooperative Contract from which you'd like to order, follow the steps below:

  • At the top of the page, enter a keyword term in the search box.
  • Once the search results populate the page, under “Content Type" select “All Contracts & Services” filter. 
  • From there, further refine search results by filtering via product type, NIGP commodity code, or other filter categories.
  • Each Cooperative Contract contains specific directions for how to order that product or service from that vendor.

View a brief tutorial on using cooperative contracts here.

The following areas also part of Cooperative Contracts:

  • DBITS: Click here for very specific instructions to order DBITS.
  • IT Staffing Services: Both the IT Staffing Services (ITSAC) Competitive Solicitation Process and the IT Staffing Services (ITSAC) Best Value Process, have specific ordering instruction unique to each process. Click here for these specific ordering instructions.
  • Other Telecom Services (Wireless, Conferencing, Managed Services): Click here to order these Telecom Services.
  • Information Security: Click here for specific information to order from Cooperative Contracts or to order from DIR-Provided Information Security Services.