DIR Contracts & Statements of Work

Below is a list of DIR Contracts in compliance with Senate Bill 20 (84R).  If you have trouble reading any of the documents, please contact the Contract Manager.

Contract No. Contracted Entity Start Date End Date Statutory Authority Contract Manager
DIR-CFO-FIN-002​Dun & Bradstreet​10/16/16​10/16/17​TGC 2155.132
Aiko Neill
​ DIR-CISO-0416​New Horizons Learning Center of Austin​4/27/2016​4/27/2017TGC 2054.059
Aiko Neill
​NTT Data, Inc.​3/1/2016​​3/1/2020 TGC 2054.059Aiko Neill
​DIR-IA-2590​Weaver and Tidwell, L.L.P.​4/6/2016​4/6/2017TGC 2054.38​Dana Collins
​Horne LLP​4/26/2016​4/26/2018
​TGC 2054.051 &
TGC 2054.2721
Elizabeth Lopez
DIR-LGL-2588​Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP9/1/2015​8/31/2017​TGC 2054
Dana Collins
 DIR-LGL-2589             ​Meyertons Hood Kivlin Kowert & Goetzel​9/1/2015​8/31/2017​TGC 2054Dana Collins
​RELX Inc.​​7/1/2016​7/1/2017​TGC 2162.001-002
Dana Collins
DIR-PPMO-DONATE-001Neubus, Inc.12/4/2014until terminated
TGC 2255
Aiko Neill
DIR-SDD-1369--SOW2-CTSInsight Public Sector, Inc.10/24/20129/1/2018TGC 2157.068
Skip Bartek
DIR-SDD-1369-SOW4-CTSInsight Public Sector, Inc.4/10/20145/1/2019TGC 2157.068
Skip Bartek
​DIR-SDD-1883-HA-CISO​Austin Ribbon and Computer Supplies, Inc.​7/1/2016​6/30/2017​TGC 2157.068
Aiko Neill
DIR-SDD-1982-SOW1-TGOV​Loblolly Consulting, LLC​8/30/2016​3/31/2017​​TGC 2157.068
George Monnat
DIR-SDD-2042-SOW1-CTS​​Gartner, Inc.​11/1/2016​8/31/2019​TGC 2157.068
Maureen Vale


​Sense Corp​8/31/216​8/31/2017
​​TGC 2157.068
Dana Collins
11/22/20118/31/2017TGC 2170
Skip Bartek
DIR-SDD-779-SOW1-CTSAT&T Corp.11/22/2011
TGC 2157.068
Skip Bartek
​DIR-SDD-1978-SOW1-CPO​The Greentree Group, Inc.​11/1/2016​5/31/2017TGC 2157.068 ​ Mike Labinski


CA, Inc.9/1/20158/31/2017TGC 2157.068
Mike Labinski
DIR-TSO-2510​KPMG LLP​8/31/2016​8/31/2017​TGC 2157.068
Sharon Blue
​Gartner, Inc.​8/31/2016​11/1/2018
​​TGC 2157.068
Sharon Blue
DIR-TSO-2533_SOW2-CTO​The Advisory Council​11/01/2016​10/31/2017​TGC 2157.068Sharon Blue
​DIR-TSO-JFS-2016​Janet Spies DBA JFS Events​8/23/2016​8/23/2017
​TGC 2155.132
Aiko Neill