E-Rate Funding

What Is E-Rate?

The E-Rate program provides discounts to public K-12 schools and public libraries purchasing data transmission services, telecommunications services, Internet access, Internet connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections.  Click here to view a list of current eligible services.

Who Can Participate in E-Rate?

Eligible customers include, but are not limited to K-12 public schools, school districts, charter schools, and public libraries.  Customers should have an approved technology plan and file the proper Schools and Libraries Division forms in a timely manner.

How We Make Using E-Rate Easy

We have simplified the procurement process for products and services that qualify for E-Rate funding by filing the Form 470 with USAC on select RFOs.  Contracts awarded under these RFO’s are considered E-Rate Eligible.         

Icon with green checkmark and the words "E-Rate Qualified" 

Eligible contracts on the DIR website are designated by the green E-Rate symbol on the contract detail page. 

E-Rate Contracts


Vendor Name

HUB Status

DIR-TSO-2646Accudata Systems, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2649Adtran, IncN/A
DIR-TSO-2650Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise USA, IncN/A
DIR-TSO-2592Ambonare IncorporatedAS/M
DIR-TSO-2651Anixter, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2699Arrow Systems Integration, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2652AT&T Corp.N/A
DIR-TSO-2654Avaya, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2620Brightleaf Group, Inc.WO/F
DIR-TSO-2644Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3102Brother International CorporationN/A
DIR-TSO-3101Canon U.S.A., Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2660Carahsoft Technology CorporationN/A
DIR-TSO-2661CDW Government, LLCN/A
DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-004CenturyLink Communications, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2645CenturyLink Communications, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2542Cisco Systems, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2662Communications Supply Corporation (CSC)N/A
DIR-TSO-2687ConvergeOne, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2618Coolsoft LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2663Critical Start LLCWO/F
DIR-TSO-2664Crystal Communications, LTDAS/M
DIR-TSO-2666Datavox, IncN/A
DIR-TSO-2667D-Link Systems, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2668Extreme Networks, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3276Flores And Associates, LLCHI/M
DIR-TSO-2729Full Fusion LLCAI/F
DIR-TSO-2670Fusion Laboratories, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2591Go IT Services, Inc.WO/F
DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-002Hughes Network Systems, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-3280ImageNet Consulting, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2674Innovation Network Technologies CorporationHI/F
DIR-TSO-2675Insight Public Sector, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3996International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)N/A
DIR-TSO-2677JabberComm, Inc.WO/F
DIR-TSO-2678Johnston Technical Services, Inc. Dba: JTSN/A
DIR-TSO-2641Juniper Networks (US), Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3082Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2681Kudelski Security, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3092Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2679Layer 3 Communications, LLC.N/A
DIR-TSO-3103Lexmark International, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2682MCA Communications, Inc.HI/M
DIR-TSO-2684Mercury Networks, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2589Microassist, Inc.AS/M
DIR-TSO-3040Muratec America, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2617Netstar Systems LTD.AS/M
DIR-TSO-2658Nu-Vision Technologies, LLC dba Amityville Technologies, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2631Pedigo Staffing Services, LLCWO/F
DIR-TSO-2669Porter Burgess Company dba Flair Data SystemsN/A
DIR-TSO-2574Precision Task Group, Inc.HI/M
DIR-TSO-2676Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-2629Presley Design Studio, L.C.WO/F
DIR-TSO-2628Quacito LLCAS/F
DIR-TSO-2659Reliable IT, LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-3041Ricoh USA, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2693RSI Global Communications GroupN/A
DIR-TSO-2616Savvy Technology Solutions LLCAS/F
DIR-TSO-2696Secure Data Solutions, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2698Set Solutions, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3155Sharp Electronics CorporationN/A
DIR-TSO-2700Solid Border, Inc.HI/M
DIR-TSO-2701Solid IT Networks, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2615Southeastern Computer Consultants, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2619Springbox - Digital Results LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-3356Synergy Electronics, Inc.WO/F
DIR-TSO-3784Synnex CorporationN/A
DIR-TSO-2704Teksys, Inc.HI/M
DIR-TSO-2655The Personal Computer Store, Inc. dba AvinextHI/M
DIR-TSO-2587The Wilkins Group, Inc.BL/F
DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-008Time Warner Cable Texas LLCN/A
DIR-TSO-3042Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2593Trademark Media Corporation DBA Mighty CitizenN/A
DIR-TEX-AN-NG-CTSA-010Verizon Business Network Services, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2590Web-Hed Technologies, Inc. dba WebheadHI/F
DIR-TSO-2712Westron Communications, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-2711Wilbur L. Anderson, Inc.N/A
DIR-TSO-3043Xerox CorporationN/A

Learn More about E-Rate

If you have questions about E-Rate eligible DIR contracts, please contact Mario Gutierrez, 512-463-8989, or Tom Hay, 512-936-7199.

For more information on E-Rate funding, visit the USAC website.

Note:  Click here for information regarding EDGAR, Education Department of General Administrative Regulations.

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