E-Rate Funding

What Is E-Rate?

The E-Rate program provides discounts to public K-12 schools and libraries purchasing telecommunications services, Internet access, Internet connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections.

Who Can Participate in E-Rate?

Eligible entities include K-12 public schools, school districts, charter schools, and libraries. Applicants must have an approved technology plan and file the proper Schools and Libraries Division forms in a timely manner.

How We Make Using E-Rate Easy

We have simplified the procurement process for products and services that qualify for E-Rate funding by filing the Form 470 with USAC on select RFOs. Contracts awarded under these RFOs are E-Rate eligible.

Eligible contracts are designated by the following green E-Rate symbol on the contract detail page.

Icon with green checkmark and the words "E-Rate Qualified" 

Learn More about E-Rate

For more information on E-Rate funding, visit the USAC website.

If you have questions about E-Rate eligible contracts, please email Mario Gutierrez or contact him by phone at 512-463-8989.