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Dell Marketing LP [DIR-SDD-1951]
*Visit the Bulk Purchase Initiative page for information on configurations and pricing* Dell offers computers, laptops, tablets, servers, printers, peripherals and other technology products and servic...

Carahsoft Technology Corporation [DIR-TSO-3854]
This contract provides law enforcement products and related services.

Carahsoft Technology Corporation [DIR-SDD-2504]
Carahsoft offers software products and related services through this contract. Available brands, products, and services include: Adobe. Customers can purchase directly through this DIR contract. Contr...

Audio Fidelity Communications Corp dba Whitlock [DIR-TSO-3875]
Technology Based Recording Equipment, Software, Conferencing Products and Related Services

SHI Government Solutions, Inc. [DIR-TSO-3984]
SHI offers Software Products and related services plus Software as a Service through this contract, including: maintenance, technical services, and training. Contracts may be used by the state and lo...

DIR-SDD-1951 Appendix G SecureWorks Schedule Appendix G SecureWorks Schedule.pdf
DIR-SDD-1951 Appendix G SecureWorks Schedule Amendment 5

DIR-SDD-1951 Amendment 7 Amendment 7.pdf
DIR-SDD-1951 Amendment 7

DIR-SDD-1951 Amendment 5 Amendment 5.pdf
Amendment 5 to DIR-SDD-1951

DIR-SDD-1951 Contract Contract.pdf
DIR-SDD-1951 Contract

DIR-SDD-1951 Appendix C Pricing Index (per Amendment 6) Appendix C Pricing Index (per Amendment 6).pdf
Appendix C, Pricing Index restated in its' entirety per Amendment 6

Results 1 - 10 of 352

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