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Cisco Systems, Inc. [DIR-TSO-2542]
Cisco Systems offers Cisco branded hardware, networking equipment, servers, data storage solutions, and related services through this contract. This contract is E-Rate qualified. Contracts may be used...

DIR-TSO-2542 Contract Contract.pdf
Contract DIR-TSO-2542

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix E Services Agreement Appendix E Services Agreement.pdf
Appendix E, Services Agreement

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix G Master Lease Agreement Appendix G Master Lease Agreement.pdf
Appendix G, Master Lease Agreement

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix C Pricing Index (per Amendment 4) Appendix C Pricing Index (per Amendment 4).pdf
Appendix C

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix F Non-Entitlement Destroyed Product Appendix F Non-Entitlement Destroyed Product.pdf
Appendix F, Non-Entitlement Destroyed Product

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix F1 Non-Entitlement Scrapped Product Appendix F1 Non-Entitlement Scrapped Product.pdf
Appendix F1, Non-Entitlement Scrapped Product

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix F4 Non-Entitlement Secondary Market Appendix F4 Non-Entitlement Secondary Market.pdf
Appendix F4, Non-Entitlement Secondary Market

DIR-TSO-2542 Appendix H Master Operating Lease Agreement Appendix H Master Operating Lease Agreement.pdf
Appendix H, Master Operating Lease Agreement

DIR-TSO-2542 Amendment 4 Amendment 4.pdf
Amendment 4

Results 1 - 10 of 19

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