DIR Achieves 75 Percent Consolidation Target

Aug 02 2016

After years of progress, DIR's Data Center Services program has successfully met its 75 percent target for consolidating computing services within the state's consolidated data centers.

The consolidation effort began in 2007 following a Legislative Budget Board report and legislation directing DIR to establish and maintain the state data center program. Consolidation improves Texas’ aging IT infrastructure, security position and data recoverability in the event of a disaster. It does this by using technology that allows government agencies to buy portions of a server instead of having each agency purchasing individual server hardware.

“This milestone represents the reality of the Legislature’s vision and is the result of much hard work on the part of the program team and, most importantly, the agencies that participate in the Statewide Technology Center,” said Todd Kimbriel, the Chief Information Officer of Texas. 

A significant feature of the consolidation effort is the refresh program which keeps the state’s hardware current, rising from 50 percent current in 2006 to more than 90 percent current today. More than 90 percent of software is also current and therefore better supported and less vulnerable to attacks. 

“Although 75 percent is a significant milestone which must be recognized, the consolidation effort will continue to ensure Texas maintains vigilance against security exploits and continues looking to improve services and achieve efficiencies for Texas agencies, their customers and the 27 million Texans whose data they protect” said Stacey Napier, DIR executive director.

DIR has also recently rolled out enhanced services within the state data services, including additional public cloud capabilities and disaster recovery-as-a-service for all statewide government entities.

For questions about DIR, the Data Center Services program or the consolidated compute initiative, please contact DIR’s Public Affairs Office.


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