Use of DIR Contracts During Disaster Update

Feb 02 2018

In August 2017, DIR posted notice regarding agencies' use of its cooperative contracts during the Harvey disaster. Shortly thereafter, DIR solicited direction from FEMA regarding DIR customers' use of the contracts.

On January 30, 2018, FEMA provided DIR with the Cooperative Purchasing Guidance (PDF -942 KB).  While FEMA indicated that it will scrutinize the use of cooperative purchasing programs, it did provide guidance related to non-state entities' use of cooperative purchasing programs, like DIR Cooperative Contracts.

If you are interested in using the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program to fulfill disaster-related needs, DIR procurement and contracting personnel are available to help you navigate DIR Cooperative Contract Program offerings, to answer questions, and to provide supplemental information that you may need to further satisfy FEMA funding requirements.

For more information, please contact Hershel Becker or Kelly Parker.

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