Texas Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

Feb 12 2018

In 2018, the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer worked with the Statewide Information Security Advisory Committee to create a statewide strategic plan that focuses on cybersecurity initiatives. This is a five-year plan and is comprised of five goals:

  • Engagement: Foster state and agency leadership engagement for cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Tooling: Provide proactive cybersecurity defense through insight and technology.
  • Staffing: Ensure adequate knowledge, skills, and experience of the cybersecurity workforce.
  • Response: Minimize the detection and response time for security events.
  • Outreach: Establish a cybersecurity outreach program to increase awareness of cybersecurity best practices.

Each goal contains an overview, challenges, actions and outcomes. Public sector entities are encouraged to use the strategic plan to formulate organizational cybersecurity initiatives and strategies.

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