Anti-human trafficking app debuts after ATX Hack4Change

Jun 28 2018
ATX Hack4Change logo

Working alongside the Office of the Attorney General, DIR and the office of the Statewide Data Coordinator, have created the RedFlag app at the recent ATX Hack4Change event. RedFlag originated from a project submission generated by OAG to address Human Trafficking identification and notification.

RedFlag allows concerned citizens a platform to combat human trafficking by anonymously contacting 911 via the app in order to inform authorities about possible human trafficking activities, victims, and perpetrators.

Citizens can use the app overtly or covertly, as there is an option to allow 911 submission discretely in the event the citizen is in immediate danger and wants to avoid being detected by those who would do them harm. The app can track location, contact 911, upload images and guide citizens to look for and provide key information in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Statewide Data Coordinator Ed Kelly and Data Analyst Juliana Dierker worked alongside OAG staff and Austin-area "hackers" to develop the prototype app. The app developers, passionate about donating their time toward a public good, have also put forth a good faith effort to continue to follow a path of public good via technology solutions.

ATX Hack4Change is a civic hackathon sponsored by St. Edward's University and was held June 1-3, 2018 and each accepted project falls under one of the 17 U.N. Global Goals Initiatives.

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