State Open Data Portal receives new updates, features

Sep 06 2018

Beginning Sept. 7th, the Texas Open Data Portal (ODP) will offer a wealth of new capabilities and features for users, managers and administrators. The upgraded ODP is optimized to perform faster uploads and downloads of datasets, allows for more extensive branding and styling, and has greater potential for easily creating automated and integrated workflows.

​The updated platform will utilize a secure government cloud featuring enhanced scalability, extensibility, and stability. There will also be additional tools to support quality control, including dataset error identification, ability to automate error resolution, and dataset quality criteria to facilitate better alignment with data governance best practices and principles.

Current datasets will not be impacted, but DIR’s State Data Coordinator Ed Kelly and his team are assisting users as they transition into the improved system.

“We’re not removing any datasets. We’re merely offering an increased data governance capability and helping make the Portal more user-friendly and to help make it the best its ever been,” said Mr. Kelly. “Additionally, we’re offering a more intuitive, visually based Perspectives data story telling functionality offering the ability for Texas organizations and agencies to contextualize their data thus showcasing and highlighting various visualizations, data points and creating narrative all in one place. By doing this, we will help our agencies demonstrate how their data is critical to the work they are doing to provide public services for Texans.”

“With Perspectives, we can not only deliver data in a new way to our customers, we can also use it for internal reports, briefings and analysis,” said Texas Racing Commission Executive Director Patricia Nalle.

The ODP website will remain the same but the landing page will be updated using new designing features. The changeover is scheduled for the evening of Sept. 6 after business hours and the ODP will be down for a few hours while the updates are implemented.

"We’re excited to partner with DIR on its upgraded and expanded open data initiative, now powered by the Socrata Connected Government Cloud,” said Kevin Merritt, President of the Data & Insights Division at Tyler Technologies, which operates the Socrata platform. "The updates and new capabilities will provide a richer and more robust experience for both internal and external users, which is significant because it enhances how citizens and the State of Texas interact, increasing collaboration for improved quality of life."

The Texas Open Data Portal is the state of Texas’ open data platform where state agencies, institutes of higher education and participating local governments work together to improve data governance and create value through data sharing. 

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