UT Arlington Gets a Brand New CAR

Dec 04 2014

How investing in the development of software enhanced communication between advisors and students

​Until recently, if you were a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, every time you changed your degree plan, your new advisor had to initiate a totally new advising record. As a result, advisors lacked access to a student’s complete narrative, not to mention valuable insights from previous advisors. Consequently, instead of building a relationship based on the student’s history, too often the new advisor was limited to just helping pick classes.

What they needed was a system that would allow advisors across campus to communicate and send referrals to other colleges within the University – one that would make advisory records available for the duration of a student’s enrollment, regardless of degree plan.

Recognizing the problem, the university’s Office of Information Technology, in collaboration with IT personnel, outside contractors, and University Academic Advising Committee, created a communication tool called CAR, which stands for Central Advising Record. Through enterprise-wide planning and collaboration, the Office of Information Technology not only managed to provide a refined advising process and improve campus relationships, but also reduced labor costs and eliminated redundant applications and licensing costs.

In the first two months alone, the CAR system received 8,000 notes and the advisors saw over 10,000 students using the system to document comments, send referrals, and communicate with multiple locations.

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