Cybersecurity Awareness Discussion: Minimize the Threat of Ransomware by Implementing Balanced Recovery Strategies

This session will review how new approaches to event-based file protection can overcome challenges of scheduled system backups to provide an even more robust safeguard against the global threat of ransomware attacks.

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Location & Hours

Start Time:
Oct 26 2016
9:00 AM
End Time:
Oct 26 2016
11:00 AM
William B. Travis Building, Room 1-111 Phone: 512-475-0222 Email:

​Ransomware attacks have grown 35X in 2016, where victims may pay as much as $1B to cyber criminals in just Q1 alone.

In this discussion you will learn...

• The global rise of ransomware and cryptolocker

• Traditional methods of crypto-locked data recovery

• Challenges with traditional backup-based approaches to data

• Why Legacy Software and Processes Introduce Too Large of a Recovery Point

• How real time sync technology can eliminate the blast-radius of a ransomware event

• How to Backup Devices and Roll Back to Synced Folders