Agile – Is It Right for Your Organization?

TTS webinar hosted by DIR and presented by Deloitte. Registration Link.

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Start Time:
Feb 07 2017
10:00 AM
End Time:
Feb 07 2017
11:00 AM
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Note - this event was rescheduled from its original date of 1/17. If registered previously, you will need to re-register.


As government continues to embrace digital transformation, leveraging new approaches and methodologies such as Agile offer an innovative way to drive quicker value through improved service delivery. Organizations considering Agile are often experiencing catalysts for change such as extended release cycles, length of time it takes to deliver a project from concept to implementation, and unmet business expectations of quality and timeliness. 

Relative to Waterfall development approaches, Agile creates a culture that embraces changes, encourages flexibility, increases collaboration, while also enhancing software quality. There are many Agile Frameworks with varied methods of implementation, but they all share the following characteristics: 

  • Software is developed and tested in short, timed sprints or iterations
  • Client participation is mandated throughout the sprint
  • Change is embraced even during the sprint

While Agile is an effective methodology, there are specific challenges government agencies that manage complex systems face such as legacy systems, external partners, massive footprints, traditional governance models, and compliance requirements. In this series, Deloitte will provide more insight as to why Agile is effective, discuss critical success factors organizations must have when transitioning to Agile, and review the most commonly used Agile Framework – Scrum, the approach primarily used at HHSC.


  • Aldila Lobo, Principal, State of Texas, Deloitte Consulting LLP 
  • Jeff Mischka, Principal, Agile and DevOps Transformation, Deloitte Consulting LLP 
  • Savita Raghunathan, Principal, State of Texas, Deloitte Consulting LLP 


  • There is no cost to attend.
  • DIR will award 1 hour of continuing education credit.

DIR thanks Deloitte for presenting this topic in the Technology Today Series (TTS).​