Email Distribution Lists

Another way that DIR shares up-to-date information with statewide IT personnel is through our Security Email Distribution Lists. All requests to join these lists must come from state agency-designated Information Resource Managers (IRMs) or Information Security Officers (ISOs). If you have any questions regarding the lists please contact the Office of the CISO. All requests are submitted for approval to the list administrator. Approval notifications are granted via email. The subscriber lists are confidential and available only to the list administrator.

NOTE:  These lists are designated for state business and should not be used for personal gain. Only state and local Texas government employees are eligible to subscribe to these lists.

Security Officer List

The Security Officer List is a moderated distribution list that allows ISOs in Texas state government to share information and collaborate with their peers via email. Only officially designated ISOs from Texas state agencies or universities are granted subscriptions.

Subscribers may use the list to:

  • Seek advice from other government ISOs regarding security issues   
  • Receive updates on current security alerts including alerts from MS-ISAC and US-CERT
  • Discuss technical issues   
  • Request referrals or opinions about IT security products and services   
  • Share resources and expertise

If you have any questions or need to alter a subscription, please contact

Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) Portal

The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) Coordination Platform, provides secure, real-time collaboration tools for government organizations and private industry entities on issues related to security.

home page of Homeland Security Information Network Coordination PlatformHSIN will eventually replace the TX-ISAC portal  It will contain a virtual incident room to help you coordinate resources around a response and includes collaboration technologies such as audio and video.

HSIN is available to all Homeland Security-affiliated organizations throughout the State of Texas.

Log in to the HSIN portal

Email DIR to open an account

Texas Cybersecurity Weekly

Collected news & information for Texas’ cybersecurity community. The periodical aggregates information about cybersecurity and information technology to promote shared awareness, cyber hygiene, and information sharing amongst government agencies, higher education, local government and other entities. 

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