Sponsored Sites

  • Texas Cybersecurity, Education and Economic Development Council (TCEEDC) – Established by the 82nd Legislature (Senate Bill 988), the Council leverages public and private partnerships to examine the state's cybersecurity operations and produce strategies for accelerating the growth of the cybersecurity industry within Texas.
  • State Agency Coordinating Committee ​​​(SACC) – SACC examines administrative and management practices, reviews problems or issues that have an impact across agency lines, and encourages and foster management practices, which are beneficial and cost-effective for all state agencies.
  • Mid-Size Agency Coordinating Council (MACC) – MACC promotes communication and education on issues affecting member agencies.
  • Faith Based Community Initiative – House Bill 1965, 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, 2011, further directs certain state agencies to serve as a liaison for faith- and community-based organizations. These state agency liaisons, along with a liaison from the State Commission on National and Community Service, comprise the interagency coordinating group (ICG) that collaborates to strengthen the capacity of faith- and community-based organizations and forge stronger partnerships between those organizations and state agencies to better serve Texans in need. Additionally, faith- and community-based liaisons (FCB liaisons) coordinate resources within their respective agencies to accomplish the legislative duties of an FCB liaison. These duties include identifying and removing unnecessary barriers to partnerships; providing information and training regarding equal opportunity standards for faith- and community-based organizations; facilitating the identification of practices with demonstrated effectiveness for faith- and community-based organizations; and working within their agency to conduct outreach efforts to inform and welcome faith- and community-based organizations that have not traditionally formed partnerships with agencies.