Telecom Consolidated Billing

invoice for servicesOne of the biggest advantages of being a DIR Telecom customer is that each month you receive a single, consolidated bill for all of the communications technology services you purchase directly from DIR. All charges are audited and validated by our billing team on your behalf. If a billing error, dispute, or tax question is raised, we work with the service provider until the issue is resolved.

NOTE: Any service ordered directly from a ve​ndor, such as wireless service, will not be included in your DIR consolidated bill but instead be billed directly by the vendor.​

Viewing Your DIR Telecom Consolidated Bill

You can download a read-only PDF version of your consolidated bill from our website at no cost. For instructions, download the TEX-AN Invoice Retrieval User Guide - PPTX (1.3 MB)

Information about file formats

Fixed-length FTP text files of detailed billing data are also available upon request at no extra charge. For assistance with these downloads:

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DIR Telecom Billing Resolution

When you receive your consolidated bill, review it to confirm the validity and accuracy of the charges. To dispute a charge or report an error, email DIR Telecom Billing at​ within 21 days of receipt of your bill and include the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Amount disputed
  • Reason for dispute
  • Purchase order number (PON) (if applicable)
  • CKR 
  • CCTS work order number (if applicable)
  • Circuit ID
  • Phone number
  • Date of the invoice 

Other DIR Telecom Billing Inquiries

For general billing inquiries: