What Types of Services Are Offered through hosts more than 1,000 online services for more than 300 publicly-funded customers. These services include:

The Texas Veterans Portal and Texas Open Data Portal are also operated through the program.

Additional product information can be found at Enterprise Solutions. 

Service Level Agreements

The vendor, Texas NICUSA, LLC,  must measure and achieve required service level agreements (SLA's) in areas that include help desk, customer satisfaction, reporting, and application and portal reliability. The graph below is a thirteen month snapshot that shows the percentage of applications that met the required service level for reliability. The target SLA varies from 99.7% - 99.9%, depending upon the application. These metrics are be refreshed on a quarterly basis after they are presented to the Board. A complete description of SLAs (also known as performance measures) may be found in the Master Agreement, Exhibit D Performance Criteria.

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