Exemption Process

Exemption Overview

DIR works with agencies to promote the use of Texas.gov and, where applicable, to determine if an exemption to any component of the portal program is warranted.  In addition to exemption-specific requirements, all proposed alternatives must meet or exceed state security standards, state accessibility requirements, and state privacy standards.

There are two types of exemptions available from DIR: Infrastructure and Subscription Framework.

Infrastructure Exemption1.

Approved infrastructure exemptions are required if a state agency needs to use:

  1. An application which cannot integrate with the Texas.gov payment gateway (TPE); or
  2. A system other than eGrants to publicize grant information on the web.

To request an exemption from either of these infrastructure components, please use this form โ€“ PDF (320 KB) 
Subscription Framework Exemption

Texas Government Code, Chapter 2054, Subchapter K. lists the agencies that must participate in the Texas.gov licensing framework and remit subscription fee payments to Texas.gov to cover costs for providing and operating the licensing framework, the payment engine and credit card fees. 

To request an exemption from the Texas.gov Subscription Framework, please use this form โ€“ PDF (343 KB) 


1. The components identified in the Texas.gov 2.0 Policies and Procedures Manual that may not be duplicated are the payment gateway (TPE) and the eGrants system.

For more information regarding the policies and procedures for identifying components that may not be duplicated, see the section in the Policy and Procedure Manual โ€“ PDF (2.19 MB)

RULE REFERENCE: Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 210 RULE ยง210.35 State Agency Infrastructure states "A state agency may not duplicate an infrastructure component that is listed in the state electronic internet portal policies and procedures manual, unless the department approves the duplication of an infrastructure component."