Texas.gov Exemption

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DIR works with agencies to promote the use of the Texas.gov state electronic internet portal and, if requested, to determine if an exemption to required components of the program is justified. All proposed alternatives must meet or exceed state security standards, state accessibility requirements, state privacy standards, and USAS integration requirements in addition to requirements specific to the type of exemption requested.

Infrastructure Exemption

1 TAC 210.35 states the following: “A state agency may not duplicate an infrastructure component that is listed in the state electronic internet portal policies and procedures manual, unless the department approves the duplication of an infrastructure component.”

The components identified in the Texas.gov Policies and Procedures Manual that may not be duplicated are:

  1. The payment gateway – An automatic way to move billing information from a website to a defined Internet merchant account. Currently, the payment gateway is referred to as Transaction Processing Engine (TPE).
  2. The eGrants system – A common electronic application and reporting system for state grant information

For more information regarding components that may not be duplicated, refer to Section 10.2 TAC Chapter 210 Detail of the Policies and Procedures Manual (see link above).

To request an exemption from either of these infrastructure components, please use the Texas.gov Infrastructure Exemption form - PDF (320 KB).

Subscription Framework Exemption

TGC 2054.351 Electronic System for Occupational Licensing Transactions, lists the agencies that must participate in the Texas.gov licensing framework and remit subscription fee payments to Texas.gov to cover costs for providing and operating the licensing framework, the payment engine, and credit card fees.

To request an exemption from the Texas.gov subscription framework, please use the Subscription Framework Exemption form - PDF (343 KB).