Eligibility Overview 

CCTS, TEX-AN, and Other DIR Telecom Services

State agencies in the Capitol Complex are required to use the Capitol Complex Telephone System (CCTS) for landline services.

All state agencies are required to use TEX-AN for telephone, Internet, data, and video services.

TEX-AN and other DIR-provided telecom services (wireless, conferencing, and managed services) are available to the following organizations:

  • State agencies​as defined by TGC 2151.002
  • Each house of the Legislature or a legislative agency
  • Political subdivisions, including Counties, Municipalities, and Districts
  • Public school districts
  • Institutions of higher education, as defined by TEC 61.003, which:
    • Engage in distance learning, AND
    • Receive federal funds for distance learning initiatives,  per  TGC 2170.004 (5)
    • To determine if your private institution of higher education is eligible, please email the DIR Telecom Solutions Team at​ or call 512-463-7800
  • Assistance organizations (as defined by TGC 2175.001)

If you have questions about DIR Telecom eligibility, please email or call 512-463-7800 or toll free on 877-472-4848, option 4.