Recent Contract Awards

These projects have been awarded to vendors in the last 60 days. Click on the contract number for details and contact information.


Contract Number





Document ImagingDIR-CPO-4407Neubus, Inc.Apr 2019Apr 2021Linda Hart
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4088InfoReliance, LLCApr 2019Apr 2021Mario Gutierrez
Mobile Digital VideoDIR-TSO-4174GTS Technology Solutions, Inc.Apr 2019Apr 2020Stephanie Harrison
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4230CTERA Networks Ltd.Apr 2019Apr 2021Mario Gutierrez
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4292CBM Archives Co., LLCApr 2019Apr 2021Vania Ramaekers
OtherDIR-TSO-4307Virtucom, Inc.Apr 2019Apr 2021Jeff Booth
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4344Black Box Network Services, Inc.Apr 2019Apr 2021Sandy Fang
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4357Hitachi Vantara CorporationApr 2019Apr 2021Jeff Booth
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4368Executive Information Systems, LLCApr 2019Apr 2021Mario Gutierrez
DBITSDIR-TSO-4375AgreeYa Solutions IncMar 2019Mar 2021Delia Arellano
DBITSDIR-CPO-4398SHI Government Solutions, Inc.May 2019May 2021Delia Arellano
Networking EquipmentDIR-CPO-4400Fluxlight, Inc.May 2019May 2021Sandy Fang
Networking EquipmentDIR-CPO-4401Ruckus Wireless IncMay 2019May 2021Sandy Fang
Comprehensive Web Development and Managed ServicesDIR-CPO-4406Monkee-Boy Web Design, Inc.May 2019May 2021Airy Luangaphay
Data StorageDIR-CPO-4411Cloud IngenuityMay 2019May 2021Sandy Fang
Comprehensive Web Development and Managed ServicesDIR-CPO-4414LAB Information Technology IncorporatedMay 2019May 2021Airy Luangaphay
Data StorageDIR-CPO-4415Sirius Computer Solutions, IncMay 2019May 2021Sandy Fang
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4322Porter Burgess Company dba Flair Data SystemsMay 2019May 2021Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4329Currier McCabe and Associates, Inc.May 2019May 2021Vania Ramaekers
Networking EquipmentDIR-TSO-4359Graybar Electric Company, Inc.May 2019May 2021Sandy Fang
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4387Cities Digital Inc.May 2019May 2021Vania Ramaekers