Recent Contract Awards

These projects have been awarded to vendors in the last 60 days. Click on the contract number for details and contact information.


Contract Number





Security Products and, Inc.Jan 2019Jan 2020Tom Hay
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4328VMware, IncJan 2019Jan 2020Kerry Stennett
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4332Innovation Network Technologies CorporationJan 2019Jan 2021Sandy Fang
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4337Forerunner Technologies, LLCJan 2019Jan 2021Sandy Fang
Networking EquipmentDIR-TSO-4343Insight Public Sector, Inc.Jan 2019Jan 2021Delia Arellano
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4346Enterprise Systems CorporationJan 2019Jan 2021Sandy Fang
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4089CenturyLink Communications, LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4137Deloitte Consulting LLPDec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4180CDW Government LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4240Juniper Networks (US), Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Delia Arellano
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4278Active Cyber LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4282Professional Document Systems, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4287DataXport.Net, LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4288Carahsoft Technology CorporationDec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4289Xerox CorporationDec 2018Dec 2020Kerry Stennett
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4296Solid IT Networks, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Delia Arellano
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4297Teksys, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Sandy Fang
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4299EMC Corporation, dba System Peripherals, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Delia Arellano
Networking EquipmentDIR-TSO-4300CDW Government LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Sandy Fang
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4319Optimum Consultancy Services LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4322Porter Burgess Company dba Flair Data SystemsDec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4323PathMaker GroupDec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Vania Ramaekers
DBITSDIR-TSO-4325Dye Management Group, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Elizabeth Lopez
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4329Currier McCabe and Associates, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2020Mary Vickery
Networking EquipmentDIR-TSO-4330CenturyLink Communications, LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Delia Arellano
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4331Pure Storage IncDec 2018Dec 2020Delia Arellano
Comprehensive Web Development and Managed ServicesDIR-TSO-4333Sense CorpDec 2018Dec 2020Airy Luangaphay
Comprehensive Web Development and Managed ServicesDIR-TSO-4340Texas NICUSA, LLCDec 2018Dec 2020Airy Luangaphay
Mobile Digital VideoDIR-TSO-4347MoboTrex, Inc.Dec 2018Dec 2019Phyllis Benitez
Security Products and ServicesDIR-TSO-4169Netsync Network Solutions, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2019Tom Hay
DBITSDIR-TSO-4208Prolim Global CorporationNov 2018Nov 2020Elizabeth Lopez
Audio ConferencingDIR-TSO-4266Verizon Business Network Services, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Sharon Blue
Cloud ServicesDIR-TSO-4275Relus Technologies, LLCNov 2018Nov 2020Kerry Stennett
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4295Crystal Communications, LTDNov 2018Nov 2020Stephanie Harrison
Data StorageDIR-TSO-4298Mercury Networks, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Stephanie Harrison
Networking EquipmentDIR-TSO-4301Wilbur L. Anderson, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Delia Arellano
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4313ACL Services LtdNov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4314Direct Line To Compliance, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4315immixTechnology, IncNov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4316Morgan Kai Group Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4317SHI Government Solutions, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4318GTS Technology Solutions, Inc.Nov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4320Access Sciences CorporationNov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers
SoftwareDIR-TSO-4321Critical Start LLCNov 2018Nov 2020Vania Ramaekers