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20-106 COOP Late Fee Audit Report (PDF|182.76KB) 20-106 COOP Late Fee Audit Report

August 2020

Internal Audit Follow Up Report No. 20-101 (PDF|164.2KB) A Follow-Up Audit Report on the Implementation Status of Prior Audit Recommendations: May 2020, Report No. 20-101

June 2020

DIR Annual Financial Report FY2019 (PDF|890.07KB) DIR Annual Financial Report FY 2019

December 2019

DIR Internal Audit Annual Report FY 2019 (PDF|377.03KB) Internal Audit Annual Report FY 2019

November 2019

DIR Audit - NetPlus ITGC Assessment (PDF|333.46KB) IT General Controls Assessment: NetPlus

October 2019

DIR Audit - ITGC BidStamp (PDF|297.21KB) IT General Controls Assessment: Bidstamp

October 2019 Financial Audit Report FY2019 (PDF|601.33KB) Financial Audit Report FY 2019

October 2019

DIR-IA FY20 Internal Audit Annual Plan (DOCX|96.89KB) DIR Internal Audit Plan FY2020

September 2019

Networking Products and Services (DOCX|48.44KB) Instructions for Ordering Network Products and Related Services Contracts

August 2019

DIR Annual Financial Report FY2018 (PDF|763.43KB) DIR Annual Financial Report FY2018

November 2018

DCS Compliance With TAC - Public Report (PDF|200.65KB) DCS Compliance with Texas Administrative Code

November 2018

DIR-IA FY19 Internal Audit Annual Plan (PDF|336.06KB) FY19 Internal Audit Annual Plan

November 2018

TEX-AN Vendor Management and Performance (PDF|919.3KB) TEX-AN Vendor Management and Performance, Internal Audit Report 18-101

November 2018

DIR-IA FY18 Internal Audit Annual Report (PDF|734.48KB) DIR-IA FY18 Internal Audit Annual Report.pdf

November 2018

Texas.Gov Financial Audit Report CY2017-FINAL (PDF|734.81KB) Date: August 2018 Number: 18-001 Title: Texas.Gov Financial Audit Report for CY2017 Author: McConnell & Jones LLP

August 2018

CyberSecurity Strategic Plan 2018 Accessible (DOCX|1.42MB) TEXAS CYBERSECURITY STRATEGIC PLAN FISCAL YEARS 2018-2023 OFFICE OF THE CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER Plain text version for maximum accessibility

May 2018

SAIAF Meeting Minutes - 021618 (PDF|365.86KB) SAIAF Meeting Minutes - 021618

May 2018

Statewide Data Coordinator Update on SWDC (PPTX|13.32MB) Statewide Data Coordinator: Update on SWDC

May 2018

Part 1 and 2 SOW Training (PPTX|6.18MB) Part 1 and 2 SOW Training

May 2018

County of Chester, PA, DIR-TSO-IC812_ website (PDF|84.49KB) County of Chester, Pennsylvania DIR-TSO-IC814

May 2018