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This vast, searchable library includes IT-related documents containing plans, reports, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, technology briefs, and other publications. It also includes draft documents posted for peer review and use by state agencies and institutions of higher education.

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2016 Summary of Internet Based Training (PDF|266.94KB) Summary of the amount and use of Internet- based training.

November 2016
August 2016

Data Center Services Consolidation Report FINAL 05-31-16 (PDF|1.26MB) DCS Consolidation Measurement Report

May 2016

State Strategic Plan One-Page (PDF|4.11MB) A one-page summary of the five strategic and actionable goals set forth in the 2016-2020 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources.

May 2016

2016 Legislative Reports (PDF|280.96KB) Upcoming Reports due by DIR in 2016

April 2016

2015 IRDR State Computing Inventory (PDF|411.43KB) Comparison of End-user computing devices from the 2011, 2013, and 2015 Information Resources Deployment Reviews. Numbers are self-reported by agencies and not verified by the department.

March 2016

DIR Annual Financial Report for FY 2015 (PDF|4.5MB) DIR Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year ending August 31, 2015.

December 2015

Fiscal 2016 Operating Budget (PDF|1.58MB) Fiscal 2016 Operating Budget

December 2015

2016-2020 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources (PDF|5.04MB) The plan sets forth 5 strategic goals for statewide information resources.

October 2015

2015 procurement coordination committee report (PDF|362.99KB) Collaborative assessment of contracting and procurement overlaps between DIR and the State Comptroller’s Office statewide commodity purchasing programs, as required by TGC §2155.007.

August 2015

Technology Brief - Telework in Texas (PDF|671.56KB) Results and analysis from the 2014 Telework survey of state agencies.

March 2015

2014 Telework Survey Results (XLSX|44.97KB) Anonymized agency responses to the 2014 Telework Survey.

March 2015

DCS Consolidation Measurement Report for FY2014 (PDF|950.65KB) DIR, February 27, 2015. This annual report on FY 2014 provides analysis and insight into elements of the DCS program including the baseline assessment of total DCS program spend and annual spend at the agency and program level.

February 2015

Legislative Budget Board - Strategic Fiscal Review (PDF|583.85KB) Legislative Budget Board - Strategic Fiscal Review. November 14th, 2014.

November 2014

Bulk Purchase Report (PDF|627.25KB) DIR Report: Coordinated Bulk IT Purchases Achieves Savings for Computer Replacement (Bulk Purchase Report), October 1, 2014,

October 2014

Legacy Systems Study - Public Report (PDF|930.52KB) Legacy Systems Study - Public Report

October 2014
August 2014

2014 Report on Customer Service (PDF|402.3KB) DIR Customer Service Report

July 2014

Legacy Systems Study - Preliminary Analysis and Recommendations (DOCX|2.19MB) LSS_Preliminary_Analysis_and_Recommendations_Report_20140609

June 2014

Study on the Use of Tablet Computers (PDF|767.92KB) Study on the Use of Tablet Computers

March 2014