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This vast, searchable library includes IT-related documents containing plans, reports, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, technology briefs, and other publications. It also includes draft documents posted for peer review and use by state agencies and institutions of higher education.

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FY 2020 Agency Security Plan Template (XLSX|83.84KB) FY 2020 Agency Security Plan Template - Excel Version

September 2019

SPECTRIM Risk Import Template (XLSX|48.31KB) Template used to import risk register items within the SPECTRIM portal

July 2019

Incident Response Template 2019 (PDF|807.82KB) Cybersecurity Incident Response Template

April 2019

Quality Register v1.2 (DOC|71.5KB) Quality Register is an appendix to the project plan of the Project Delivery Framework.

October 2018

Vulnerability Report Template (XLSX|79.63KB) Optional template to assist with the Sec. 2054.077, Gov. Code, requirement concerning Vulnerability Reports.

September 2018

Technical Architecture Assessment (DOCX|81.02KB) Technical Architecture Assessment v 1.4

August 2018

Agency Security Plan Executive Acknowledgement 2020 (DOCX|28.52KB) This is a template for obtaining executive director, agency head, and other executive written acknowledgement as required by HB, 85(R).

May 2018

Agile SOW Template (DOCX|61.8KB) Agile SOW Template

March 2018

Cloud Maturity Assessment (XLSM|305.62KB) Optional cloud maturity assessment for the 2018 IRDR.

November 2017

Data Management and Analytics Assessment (XLSM|354.14KB) Optional data management and analytics maturity assessment for the 2018 IRDR.

November 2017

Digital Services Maturity Assessment (XLSM|787.5KB) Optional digital services maturity assessment for the 2018 IRDR.

November 2017

DIR Execution Capability Assessment v1.0 (XLSX|43.02KB) This DIR Execution Capability Assessment is a new template created for the Texas Project Delivery Framewrok program as part of the business case submission process.

September 2017

Execution Capability Assessment v1.0 (XLSX|39.17KB) Execution Capability Assessment

August 2017

PM Lite Business Case Template (DOCX|61.15KB) ​defines the business need along with the necessary information, from a business standpoint, to determine whether or not the project is worth the required investment.

March 2017

PM Lite Lessons Learned Template (DOCX|49.81KB) used to identify and preserve the lessons learned on each project. The purpose of this document is to help the project team share knowledge gained from the experience

March 2017

PM Lite Overview (DOCX|65.39KB) The Overview Document provides some background on the PM Lite methodology and describes its underlying principals

March 2017

PM Lite Project Change Request Template (DOCX|47.35KB) The Project Change Request (PCR) is used by the Project Manager to request a change to the project scope, schedule, costs, project milestones and/or deliverables.

March 2017

PM Lite Project Charter (DOCX|56.12KB) The Project Charter officially authorizes the project and allocates resources. The chartering process forms the project core team and officially kicks off the project.

March 2017

PM Lite Project Closure Template (DOCX|51.33KB) The Project Closure document formalizes the completion of the project.

March 2017

PM Lite Project Register Template (XLSX|79.87KB) ​The Project Register is a tool that can be used to capture and track key project information, making it easier to monitor, control, and track project details throughout the life of the project.

March 2017