State Strategic Plan

cloud technologyOne of the most critical reports that DIR generates is the State Strategic Plan (SSP)​​ for Information Resources Management (PDF|8.36MB). Think of the SSP as the mechanism that drives technology innovation at state agencies and institutions of higher education. 

See the Letter from the Executive Director of DIR regarding the State Strategic Plan.

Based on the expertise of our own IT professionals, as well as collaboration with stakeholders like you, the 2018-2022 SSP identifies five strategic goals that will affect technology decisions for the next five years:​​​​

  • Reliable and Secure Services
    • Security, Continuity of Operations, Connectivity
  • Mature State IT Resources Management
    • Cost Optimization, IT Planning and Governance, IT Workforce
  • Cost Effective and Collaborative Solutions
    • Legacy Modernization, Cloud Services, Shared Services
  • Data Utility
    • Data Management and Governance, Open Data, Data Analytics
  • Mobile and Digital Services
    • Mobile Technology, Digital Services, Internet of Things

These strategic goals provide a roadmap for agencies to follow when developing their Information Technology components of their Agency Strategic Plans (ASP).

Operationalize the State Strategic Plan

The SSP provides direction to state agencies and institutions of higher education for the use of information technology. But how can these organizations implement the goals set within the plan? DIR produced a series of webinars for additional guidance.

Software Currency (PPTX| 2.5 MB) -  May 11, 2016- DIR encourages agencies and institutions of higher education to develop a software policy that reduces the use of out-of-date or unsupported software and decreases security vulnerabilities in IT systems.  What is software currency? How will a software currency policy work for your organization?

Network Capacity Management (PPTX| 1.8 MB) - May 18, 2016- DIR suggests agencies and institutions of higher education implement a capacity management plan to ensure network performance of critical IT services and manage bandwidth growth and costs in alignment with agency resources. What is a network capacity management plan? How can organizations manage and forecast bandwidth growth? 

Digital Strategy (PPTX| 3.14MB)-May 26, 2016- DIR and |Texas NIC discuss the strategy for agencies to move from traditional, paper-based processes to electronic or online formats to improve services. How can agencies get started and what are the first steps to going digital?

​How collaboration determines the St​​​atewide Technology Strategic Goals

DIR develops the goals through collaborative measures, including

  • Convening an advisory committee of public and private industry technology professionals
  • Surveying CEOs, CIOs, and Information Resource Managers (IRMs) in state agencies and institutions of higher education
  • Consulting multiple stakeholders and subject-matter experts
  • Conducting in-depth research and analysis of top technology trends and priorities impacting both government and the private sector around the country

2019 State Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

2018 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management Word Version (DOCX|85KB)

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