Biennial Performance Report

Published every even year, before the start of the legislative session, the Biennial Performance Report (BPR) — PDF (4,514 KB) on the Use of Information Resources Technologies by Texas State Agencies is one of the mechanisms through which we make your technology needs known to the Legislature. 

The most recent BPR was published in November 2018.​

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office workers reviewing reports 

Using information consolidated from the Information Resources Deployment Review and other reports, the BPR provides a snapshot of the progress made and the barriers encountered in advancing the technology goals identified in the 2018-2022 State Strategic Plan​. The BPR also identifies recommendations for improving statewide IT and presents them for consideration by the Legislature. Click here to see technology legislation of high interest to state agencies.​

The BPR also contains additional reports required by statute addressing achievements in specific technology areas. ​

Item Reference
2018 Biennial Performance Report and Report on State Technology Expenditures  PDF (2,523 KB) |​Assessment of the progress in statewide IT goals, including recommendations to the legislature f​or improvement of IT and a summary of total IT expenditures.
Government Code, Section 2054.055​
Report on EIR Accessibility  — PDF (560 KB) | Summary of agency and state progress in providing electronic and information resources access to individuals with disabilities.
Government Code, Section 2054.055(b)(9)​
Report on the Consolidated Network Security System​ — PDF (112 KB) | Report on the accomplishment of service objectives and performance measures of the consolidated network security system.​ Government Code, Section 2059.057​
Report on PDF (120 KB) | Report on the status, progress, benefits, and efficiency gains of the state electronic internet portal. Government Code, Sections 2054.055 and 2054.260​
Report on Telecommunicat​ions Performance — PDF (130 KB) | Report on the progress of the state telecommunications network and the centralized Capitol Complex Telephone System. Government Code, Sections 2054.055(b)(10) and 2054.055 (b-1)​
Report on Project Management Practices — PDF (97 KB) | Report on state agencies' progress in developing and implementing project management practices. ​ Government Code, Section 2054.157(b)​
Summary of Internet-Based Training PDF (329 KB) | Summary of the amount and use of Internet-based training. Government Code, Section 2054.055 (b)(8)
​​2018 Report on Cloud and IT Infrastructure PDF (311 KB) |​Public Report on the use of cloud services by state agencies and assessment of agency IT Infrastructure.Government Code, Section 2054.068 and 2157.007