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To help advance digital transformation and improve the customer experience, DIR has established the Strategic Digital Services program.

Contact:  Jennifer Buaas at for more information about assistance available to your organization.

Digital Transformation: A Guide for Texas Government is now available on the Texas Open Data Portal:

Published: March 2021

Section 2054.069 of the Government Code requires the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to prepare a digital transformation guide for assisting agencies with modernizing agency operations and services to incorporate electronic data and convert existing agency information into electronic data.

This guide is designed to help Texas government advance digital transformation and improve the customer experience, regardless of where your organization is on its digital journey.  It recognizes key considerations for digital transformation, outlines a five-step process for advancing the next generation of digitization in Texas government, and identifies state resources for public sector organizations to facilitate their own digital transformation.

Please contact DIR at: with questions about the guide.

Telecommunications Preferences Survey Guidance

Issued: May 2020                    Due: September 1, 2020

House Bill 1, Article IX, Section 9.11 requires each state agency to:

  1. survey employees on telecommunication preferences,
  2. analyze potential cost savings that may result from implementing the preferences, and
  3. report the results to the Department of Information Resources (DIR) by September 1, 2020, in a format prescribed by the department.

 To help agencies meet these requirements, DIR is providing the following guidance.

  • Instructions for completing the survey, cost analysis, and report to DIR
  • Workbook that provides an optional methodology for the cost analysis
  • Form for reporting the overall agency results to DIR

Please contact DIR at: with questions about this legislative requirement.

IRM Agency Checklist

DIR has provided an Agency Checklist for Information Resource Managers (IRMs) to help in reminder of duties and roles for their position.

*This checklist is a pilot document and is subject to change

Policy Template and Examples

DIR has provided an example of its internal Policy Management Guideand different policies from other state agencies and institutions of higher education.  Below are the examples and a brief description of each type of policy:

  • Software Currency-  to help agencies reduce the use of unsupported software and decrease security vulnerabilities in state agency IT systems.
  • Data Management- to develop and execute policies and procedures that properly manage full data management for the needs of an agency.

Most Commonly Used Internet Browsers

​The 84th​ Legislative Session passed House Bill 855 which requires each state agency and publicly-funded institution of higher education that has a generally accessible website to ensure compatibility between that website and the most commonly used internet browsers, as identified by DIR.  

View the list of Most Commonly Used Internet Browsers and frequently asked questions about website compatibility.​

​IT Policies, Guidance, & Additional Resources



​2018 Texas Digital Storage Study - PDF (1.07 MB) | Study on State Agency Digital Storage and Records Management  Practices​November 2018
Videoconferencing Guidelines - PDF (317 KB) | Technical and Operational Standards 
November 2017
​Domain Name Management Policy - PDF (673 KB) | Guidance regarding Internet Domain Management
​March 2015 (revised)
​State Website Linking & Privacy Policy​ - PDF (113 KB) | Provisions for State Websites​March 2015 (revised)
Cloud Services Guide - PDF (631 KB) | Resources for when Considering Cloud Services​December 2014
Telework in Texas -  PDF (159 KB) | Results from the 2014 Telework Survey of State Agencies​August 2014
Tablet Study - PDF (768 KB) | Recommendations for Procuring Tablet Computers​March 2014
Social Media Resource Guide​ - PDF (675 KB) | Tools and Strategy for Government Social Media​February 2013
PC Life Cycle Guidelines - DOCX (121 KB) | Guidelines for Establishing PC Life Cycles​February 2013 (revised)
Cybersecurity - PDF (399 KB) | Texas Cyber Risks and Statewide Cybersecurity Collaboration​​April 2012
Cloud Computing - PDF (130 KB) | Efficient Service Delivery via the Internet​​​March 2012

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