IRM Continuing Education

Because of the rapid pace of technology changes, the Legislature has charged DIR with establishing guidelines for continuing education for Texas Information Resources Managers (IRMs).

To comply with the requirements, an IRM must: 

  • Complete a minimum number of hours of qualified training/education every fiscal year
  • Complete an initial set of required topics within two years of being designated IRM
  • Report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31 each fiscal year

IRM classification le​vels by IR budget

For purposes of these requirements, IRM classification levels are based on agency biennial Information Resources (IR) budgets. (Note: the biennial IR budget is the total of all funds allocated to IR operations and projects, both development efforts and technology upgrades, for the entire organization during the two-year period). Continuing education requirements increase as the level/IR budget increases.


​Biennial IR budget

​Training requirement

​IRM Level 1Less than $100,000​​None
​IRM Level 2 ​$100,000 - $999,999​12 hours per fiscal year
​IRM Level 3​$1,000,000 - $9,999,999​18 hours per fiscal year
​IRM Level 4​$10,000,000 - $20,000,000​24 hours per fiscal year
​IRM Level 5​More than $20,000,000​30 hours per fiscal year

NOTE: IRM continuing education hours are called CPE hours - Continuing Professional Education.

training class with computers 

DIR has identified eight core knowledge areas for consideration by Texas IRMs:

  1. Strategic Planning and Policy
  2. Managerial and Leadership Competencies
  3. IT Performance Assessment
  4. Project/Program Management
  5. Capital Planning, Investment Assessment, and IT Acquisition
  6. Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
  7. IT Controls
  8. IT Topics and Trends

An IRM should consider the core knowledge areas when planning for professional development. Within these broad areas, IRMs should select educational activities that best suit the need of the agency as well as their own level of expertise. An IRM with little experience in an area should seek introductory topics. An IRM with extensive expertise should pursue more advanced subjects.

To learn more about core knowledge areas and IRM continuing education requirements, download the IRM Continuing Education Guide - PDF​ (454 KB).

Information about file formats

We encourage you to also check the DIR Calendar​ frequently for upcoming education and training opportunities.

Yearly Submission of CPE Hours

IRMs are required to report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31 of each year via DIR’s online portal. Report your CPE hours here.​

Detailed instructions for using the IRM CPE application to report hours. can be found in the CPE Entry Instructions.

Note: IRM Education Requirements were updated as of 9/1/2015. Be sure you understand current requirements and are using your credentials for the new portal.

​​​The CPE Mapping Form​​ (DOC, 63KB) can be printed or saved as a document and offers an easy way to organize and record event details for later entry.


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