Certified Training Programs

In accordance with House Bill (HB) 3834 (86R), the Texas Department of Information (DIR) has certified the following cybersecurity training programs for state and local government employees.  Additional programs will be certified on a continuing basis. Please note that programs are certified for content, not other regulatory or statutory obligations.

Vendor Training Programs

State Agency, Institution of Higher Education, or Local Government In-House Training Programs

Hybrid Training Programs

Vendor Training Programs

Training Program Name Training Program Provider Date Certified Modules Included in Training Program Estimated Duration of Training Program Program Includes an Assessment of Learning Outcomes Available Languages Point of Contact DIR Contract Number (DIR Vendor Name)*
Alterity Cybersecurity Awareness ProgramAlterity Solution, Inc.



Confidential and Protected Information; Data Privacy; Email Communication; File Transfer and Cloud Storage; GDPR; Mobile Security; Outside the Office; Phishing; Secure Passwords; Social Engineering; Environment Security2 HoursYesEnglish

Gina Buser

972 544-1444


Barcom Security Awareness TrainingBarcom Technology Solutions2/21/20Barcom Security Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation2 hoursNo 

Darlene Gonzales



PhishLine Security Awareness TrainingBarracuda Networks1/24/20What is Phishing?; Types of Phishing; Understanding URLs;  Spotting Phishing Scams; Cyberattacks; Human Factor; Passwords; Social Engineering; Mobile Device Security; Incident Response;  Ransomware;  Social Media; Spear Phishing; Security and the Cloud; Network Security; Removable Media; Personally Identifiable Information; Business Email Compromise; Travel and Out of Office; Personal and Physical Security; Vishing and Smishing; Applications; Professional Networking; Bring Your Own Device; Public Wifi; Internet of Things; Web Browsing and Work; Working from Home; Sensitive Data; Clean Desk Policy; Executive Targeting; Catfishing; Phishing Careers; GDPR; PCI-DSS; Online Holiday Shopping1 hourYesEnglish

Dennis Dillman

262-442-6216 ddillman@barracuda.com

Cybersecurity TrainingBIS Consulting2/21/20One Powerpoint covering Understanding information security, protecting information, identifying and reporting attacks, and sanitizing/disposing of information.1 hourYesEnglish

Sandra Steele



Security AwarenessCapgemini10/31/19Intro, Security Awareness and You; Information Security; Security Controls - Data Security; Security Controls - ID and Access Management, Email Security; Security Controls - Physical Security; Security Controls - Network, Onboarding, Audits, Exceptions; Threats to the Environment; Security Incidents, Summary1 HourYes 

Joshua Fiero


(Training program is only available to Shared Technology Services contracted employees.)

Security Awareness Training Level IICenter for Information Security Awareness - CFISA3/5/20Lesson 1: Course Introduction and Overview, Lesson 2: The Impact of Cybercrime and Identity Fraud, Lesson 3: Today's Threats, Lesson 4: How Behavior is Exploited by Cybercriminals, Lesson 5: Strong Passwords Increase Security, Lesson 6: Understanding and Recognizing Social Engineering, Lesson 7: Phishing and Email Best Practices, Lesson 8: Protecting Against Viruses, Spyware and Spam, Lesson 9: Protecting Your Personal, Lesson 10: Security Best Practices Away from the Office, Lesson 11: Safe Internet Use, Lesson 12: Protecting the Workplace from Identity Fraud, Lesson 13: Social Media Security, Lesson 14: Device Management – Internet of Things, Lesson 15: Today's Risks - Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources1 hour 19 minutesYesEnglish

Michael Levin



Cyber Security FundamentalsClick Computers1/10/20Information security, Cyber Security, Best Practices, Responding to a Cyber attack1 hourYesEnglish

Kevin Czap



Cyber Defense Training - PII ProtectComputer Transition Services, Inc.12/19/19Personally Identifiable Information, Cybercriminals are after you, Case Studies and lessons learned, Respond to Data Breach1.0 - 1.5 hoursYesEnglish

Michael Vaught



Information Security Awareness TrainingConduent4/24/20Introduction to Information Security Awareness, Handling Conduent & Client Information, Workplace Security, Threat Awareness, Computer Security Methods & Tools, Email Threats, Safe Online Connections, Reporting Security Threats, Course Summary1 hourYesEnglish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish

TJ Voita

512-318-1582 tj.voita@conduent.com

(Training program is only available to Conduent staff.)

Cyber Security Awareness Training ProgramCurricula11/7/19Intro to Cyber Security, Phishing, Passwords, Information Security, Ransomware, Removable Media, Social Engineering, Physical Security, Secure Browsing, Incident Response, Mobile Devices, Business Email Compromise, Clean Desk, Wi-Fi, Privacy, Multi-Factor2+ hoursYesEnglish

Nick Santora



Cyber Aware Security Awareness TrainingCyber Aware4/24/20Upvote and Away, GDPR (Episodes 1, 3, 4), PCI-DSS (Episodes 1, 2, 3), A Terminal Mistake - Regulation Rundown, Voicemail Fail, Update Double Take, Strawberry X Forever, Data Loss By The Logger, 2FA Security,  Home and VPN Security, Clean Desk Policy, The Disinterested CEO, USB Nation, SMS SOS, Introduction to Cyber Security (Videos 1, 2, 3), Public Wi-Fi Security, Bad/Reused Passwords, Disregard The Gift Card, Say It Don't Spray It, SIM SOS, Blame Game - Insider Threats, Vacation Destination, Ransomware is Everywhere, Your Page My Page4 hoursYesEnglish, Thai

Jonathan Horne

(972) 945 7518


Organization Security Awareness TrainingDenim Group, Ltd.12/3/19Organization Security Awareness Training 2 hoursYesEnglish

Tom Cline



DIR-TSO-3795 (Denim Group, Ltd.)
Cybersecurity Awareness Training for EducatorsEduhero – Region 6 ESC  10/31/19What is Cybersecurity? Information security best practices; Types of information security threats; Addressing and Preventing Threats1 hourYesEnglish, but we can do one in Spanish, as well.

Erika Tijerina



Security Awareness Training (HB3834)Encore Support Systems, LP10/31/19Habits and Procedures that Protect Information Resources Best Practices for Detecting, Assessing, Reporting, and Addressing Information Security Threats2 hoursYesEnglish, Spanish

Kathryn Wolf



Security Awareness Training ProgramEntegration, Inc.1/10/20Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Data, How cybercriminals are trying to make you a victim, Case studies & lessons learned, Case Study 1: Phishing, Lessons Learned 1, Case Study 2: Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, Lessons Learned 2, Case Study 3: Password Security, Lessons Learned 3, Case Study 4: Internet of Things (IoT) Devices, Lessons Learned 4, Case Study 5: Proper Disposal, Lessons Learned 5, Conclusion: What to do if you suspect a data breach.75 hoursYesEnglish

Diana Mazzarella

877-275-4545 x87


IT Security for End Users, 3 modulesEnterprise Training Solutions3/5/20IT Security for End-Users: IT Security Fundamentals; IT Security for End-Users: Secure Corporate Communications and Networking; IT Security for End-Users: Using Corporate Devices Securely2.5 to 3 hoursYesEnglish

Ken Gellerman


DIR TSO 3879 (Enterprise Training Solutions)
Information Security Awareness TrainingESC-201/24/20Introduction: SB 820, HB 3834, What is Cybersecurity, What Needs Protecting, Information Classifications, Passwords, Social Engineering, Phishing, Physical Security, Protecting Information, Mobile Computing, Internet Browsing, Incident Reporting1 hourYesEnglish

Michael Garcia


Security Awareness Essentials ChallengeGlobal Learning Systems10/31/19Introduction; Data Classification and Protection; Mobile and Remote Office Security; Social Engineering; Final Reminders and Quiz; Securing Information at the Office; Securing Your Office Network; Setting up Secure Passwords; Browsing the Web Securely; Avoiding Phishing Message Threats; Securing Your Mobile Devices; Securing Your Work at Home; Working Securely in Public Places; Securing Information during Travel; Securing Information in the Cloud; Safe Social Networking; Avoiding Spear-Phishing Threats3 hoursYesEnglish, Spanish

Rob Dattilo

Main: 410.800.4000 ext 120

Mobile: 770.331.1084


INFIMA Cyber Security Awareness TrainingINFIMA Cyber Security1/24/20Phishing and Safe Email Use, Personally Identifiable Information, Malware and Ransomware Dangers, Introduction to Social Engineering, Social Engineering Attacks and Solutions, Safe Web Usage, Password Best Practices, Advanced Web Usage, Protecting Your Sensitive Data, Securing Your Electronic Data and Devices2 hoursYesEnglish

Zach Carter

904-307-6927 zach.carter@infimasec.com

12 Month Program PlanInfosec12/3/19The Principles of Information Security, Privacy and PII, Data Security, Best Practices to Safeguard Information (all forms) and Information Systems , Data Destruction, Awareness of the meaning of information security "threat, "threat actor", "risk" and "attack.", Insider Threats, Public Networks and Computers, Advanced Persistent Threat, Phishing in brief, Incident Response 1 hour and 45 minutesYesEnglish, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, (Australian), English (British), Finnish, French, French-Canadian, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamesesales@infosecinstitute.com 
Security First Solutions - EliteInspired eLearning LLC10/31/19Preventing Malware: Mobile Devices; Working Remotely; IoT/Home Security; Phishing Defense Essentials; Social Engineering (Adv); Protecting Mobile Data and Devices; Protecting Against Malicious Insiders2 Hours 6 minutesYesFrench CA; French EU; German; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Portuguese LA; Russian; Sim Chinese; Spanish EU; Spanish LA Trad Chinese TW UK English

RJ Rowntree



DIR-TSO-3914 (Inspired eLearning LLC)
Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants - EC Council12/3/19Introduction to Security, Securing Operating Systems, Malware and Antivirus, Internet Security, Security on Social Networking Sites, Securing Email Communications, Securing Mobile Devices, Securing the Cloud, Securing Network Connections, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery16YesEnglish

Alan Pettit


ESD Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Texas HB3834)JDEC Solutions, LLC3/17/20Introduction; Information Security; Safeguarding Information and Information Systems; Security Threats; Conclusion.5 - .75 YesEnglish

Daniel Scruggs



Cybersecurity Basics TrainingJones|Carter3/5/20This is a single module program.1.25 hoursYes 

Sean McMillan


KnowBe4 Security Awareness TrainingKnowBe410/31/192019 Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training (30 minute version); 2016 Handling Sensitive Information; Captain Awareness: Detecting Suspicious Activity; 2019 Your Role, Internet Security and You Over 88 hours of content availableYesTranslate content in 34 major languages and additional languages upon request.

Adam Alessandrini



DIR-TSO-4291  (SHI Government Solutions) DIR-TSO-4365 (Solid Border, Inc.)
DIR-TSO-4214 (CIMA Solutions Group, LLC)
Cyber AwarenessLeaderQuest Holdings, Inc10/31/19Networking Fundamentals Types of Security Control How to keep Data Safe- Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities Sample Incursions/ Demonstration6 hoursYesEnglish

David Koker



Security Awareness Training (HB 3834)Lexipol11/7/19Security Awareness Training (HB 3834)1YesEnglish

Ed Salazar, Senior Business Development Manager



Linkedin Learning Cyber Security CoursesLinkedIn Corporation10/31/19Cybersecurity Foundations Cybersecurity Awareness Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing80 hoursYesEnglish, Spanish

Sean Galvin



TX DIR-TSO-4288 (Carahsoft Technology Corporation)
Living Security - Security Awareness Training ProgramLiving Security12/3/19Phishing Skills 101; Phishing Skills 101 Part II; Security Trivia 101; Security Trivia 102; Culture Assessment I; Culture Assessment II; Am I Secure 101; Threat Insight 101; Why Execs Targeted?; Phishing Skills (BEC); Understanding the Black Market; Threat Insight for Execs; Threat Insight II for Execs; Am I Secure for Execs; Privacy for Execs; Travel Secure for Execs; Culture Assessment; Day in the Life - HR; Day in the Life - Finance; Day in the Life - Support Staff; Day in the Life - Priv. User; Day in the Life - General; Big Idea - Privacy; Big Idea - Passwords; Case in Point - Physical Sec.; Case in Point - Safety Online; Case in Point - Travel Secure; Case in Point - Password Reuse; Case in Point - Ransomware; Phishing Skills 1023/4 hoursYesSubtitles available in all Languages

Michael Canino 303-549-7315



Ashley Rose


Texas Association of Counties Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingMediaPRO10/31/19Safe computing Protecting and Handling Data at a Glance Physical Security Threat Promoting Risk Awareness45 minutesYesEnglish

Dawn Noufer



(Training Program is only available to counties.)

Security BasicsMediaPRO11/7/19Security Threats at a Glance- Data Breach Case Studies- Your Responsibilities- Reporting an Incident- Protecting and Handling Data at a Glance- Data Classifications- Data Access, Retention, and Destruction- Physical Security Threats- Securing Work Areas and Resources- Taking on Tailgating- Electronic Threats- Social Engineering Threats- Phishing Threats- What to Do with Phishing Threats?- Password Best Practices- Electronic Safeguards (ASSESSMENT)35 MinutesYesEnglish (US), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (Canadian), French (France), German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Swedish

Joey Saucedo



Mimecast Awareness TrainingMimecast12/3/19Security Awareness Training (5 min short videos - 1 hour total) - Data in Motion (Cloud Storage), Infected Device Module, Personal Email, Unknown Media, Inadvertent Data Exposure , HIPAA Modules (HIPAA 101 – HIPAA), Info Protection, Stolen Laptop, Privileged User, Public Disclosure, Public WI-FI, Identity Theft, Credit Card Data – PCI, Insider Threat, Key Cards, Exposed Screens, Use of Shredder, Clean Desk, Unvetted App Download, Physical Access, Passwords, Phishing, Ransomware, Wire Fraud, Impersonation Attack, BYOD1 hourYesEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Korean, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese

Steve Johnston



DIR-TSO-4056 (SHI)

DIR-TSO-3248 (Critical Start, Inc.)

Cyber-security Awareness, How to outsmart the bad guysMiTech Services2/7/20Why is cyber-security awareness important?; The Principles of Information Security; Ways to protect yourself; All About Passwords; Email protection; Phone Scams; Safeguard against Unauthorized Access; Encryption1.5 hoursYes 

Arthur Cline



Cyber Security User Awareness Training for Government AgenciesnetGenius, Inc.2/7/20Module 1 - Information Security Overview; Module 2 - Information Security; Threats; Module 3 - Best Practices; Module 4 - Terms3 hoursYesEnglish

Ben Singleton

888-250-6384 x500


 ThreatAdvice Educate 3834NXTsoft Cyber Security Solutions10/31/19ThreatAdvice Cyber-Security EducationUp to ten hours of content available in individual 5-minute coursesYesEnglish, Spanish

Gary Foster



Optiv - Security Awareness Circuit TrainingOptiv Security10/31/19Cloud Security; Data Privacy; Email Security; Insider Threat; Social Engineering; Workplace Security1 HourYesEnglish, Translation Service available

Tiffany Franklin



DIR-TSO-4133 (Optiv Security Inc.)
Optiv - CyberBOTOptiv Security10/31/19Cloud Security Data Privacy Email Security Insider Threat Social Engineering Workplace Security1 hourYesEnglish, Translation Service available

Tiffany Franklin



DIR-TSO-4133 (Optiv Security Inc.)
Optiv - Rapid AwarenessOptiv Security10/31/19Cloud Security Data Privacy Email Security Insider Threat Social Engineering Workplace Security1 hourYes

English, Translation Service available


Tiffany Franklin



DIR-TSO-4133 (Optiv Security Inc.)


Cyber Security/ Malware Awareness TrainingOSS Academy3/17/20 Online OSS Academy Course Presentation, Course Introduction, Articulate Storyline 360 Module, Final Exam, OSS Student Evaluation1 hourYesEnglish

OSS Academy

281-288-9190 (Ext. 205)


CJIS Security Awareness TrainingPeak Performance Solutions10/31/19Welcome, Criminal Justice Information, Personnel Security, Information Technology Security, System Access, Physical Security, Security Incidents, Passwords & Authentication, Advanced Authentication, Network Security and Conclusion1 HourYesEnglish

John Yearty


Security Awareness for Business ProfessionalsPluralsight, LLC12/3/19Basic Concepts and Terminology, Phishing - How Actors Get Your Secrets, Malware at Work, Social Networking, Mobile Devices, Portable Data Protection and Destruction, Identifying Personally Identifiable Information, In Practice and Review7 hoursYesAll of our content can be converted to any language supported by Google Translate directly through our platform. In addition, hyperlinked transcripts are available with ADA access.

Robert Pac



DIR-TSO-4236 (DLT Solutions, LLC)
Prilock Security Awareness & Phish Simulation TrainingPrilock Security1/10/20Cybercrime - What You Need to Know, How Your Private Data is Stolen and Sold, Weapons Hackers Use to Steal from You, Creating Strong & Memorable Passwords, Sneaky Ways Hackers Trick & Attack You, Attacks Where You Work and Play1.36 hoursYesEnglish

Victoria Traversi



Proofpoint Security Awareness TrainingProofpoint11/7/19PII Series, GDPR, Physical Security, Unintentional Insider Threat, Password Policy, Data Protection and Destruction, Insider Threat Overview, Social Engineering, Safe Web Browsing, Malicious Insider Threat, Mitigating Compromised DevicesModules take 10 - 15 minutes each to completeYesArabic, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American)*, English (Australian)*, English (British)*, Finnish, French (Canadian), French (European)*, German*, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian*, Japanese*, Khmer, Korean, Malay, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (European)*, Spanish (Latin), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese *Indicates video-based training offers in-language audio (all languages are available for closed captioning)

Karl Hart


DIR-TSO-3749 (Set Solutions, Inc.)

DIR-TSO-3926 (Carahsoft Technology Corporation)

DIR-TSO-3480 (SHI Government Solutions)

Proofpoint Security Awareness TrainingProofpoint Security Awareness Training V2 (3 module version, RECOMMENDED)3/17/20PII Fundamentals; Security Essentials; Data Protection and Destruction1 hourYes

Arabic, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American)*, English(Australian)*, English (British)*, Finnish, French (Canadian), French (European)*, German*, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian*, Japanese*, Khmer, Korean, Malay, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (European)*, Spanish (Latin), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

*Indicates video-based training offers in-language audio (all languages are available for closed captioning)

Karl Hart

M: 412-932-5010


DIR-TSO-3749 (Set Solutions, Inc.)

DIR-TSO-3926 (Carahsoft Technology Corporation)

DIR-TSO-3480 (SHI Government Solutions)

Roche End User Security AwarenessRoche4/1/20Module 1; Module 2; Module 345 minutesYesEnglish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, German


(Training program is only available to Roche employees and critical contactors)

TX-3834 SANS Security Awareness ProgramSANS Institute10/31/19You are the Shield; Social Engineering; Malware; Email & Phishing; Passwords; Targeted Attacks; Social Networks; Mobile Device Security; Browsing Safely (also called Browsing or Browsing – Interactive); Data Security (also called Data Security and Destruction or Data Security and Destruction – Interactive); Hacked; Physical Security45 minsYesArabic; Chinese Simplified (Mandarin); Czech; Danish; Dutch; Dutch; Belgium (Flemish); English-UK; English-US; Finnish; French; French-CA; German; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Indonesian (Bahasa); Italian; Japanese; Korean; Latvian; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese-BR; Portuguese-EU; Romanian; Russian; Spanish- International; Spanish-LA; Swedish; Thai; Turkish; Vietnamese

Jay Armstrong



SCAN13 Training ProgramSCAN1310/31/19SCAN13 Training Program1 hourYesEnglish

Brandon Neff


Information Security Awareness TrainingSentinel Cyber Intelligence, LLC12/19/19Information Security Definition, Data Classification & Handling, Sensitive Personal Information, Personally Identifiable Information, Ferpa Protected Data, Cyberthreats & Threat Actors, Cyber Risk, Cyber Attack, Cyber Attack Indicators, Email, Spam, Acceptable Use, Incidental Use, Privacy, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Cell Phones, Flash Drives, Securely Storing Data, Securely Disposing of Data1.5 hoursYesEnglish

Richard Martin



Cybersecurity - You are the GuardianSiemens Industry Inc.4/24/201. Secure Use of Mobile Devices and Apps, 2. Secure Working Environment, 3. Social Engineering, 4. Security in Products, Solutions and Services.35 hoursYesEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Brian Dustin



Information Security: How To Recognize, Respond, and Prevent Threats to Your DataStrategic Government Resources10/31/19Information Security: How To Recognize, Respond, and Prevent Threats to Your Data1 hourYesEnglish

Lauren Swaim



Syntient Security Awareness ProgramSyntient Systems, LLC.10/31/19The Basics Module The Internet Module Game Show Module Social Engineering Secure Browsing Removable Media Real Estate Wire Fraud CEO Fraud1 hour 30 minutesYesEnglish, Spanish, Closed captioned

Jon Asher



Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Texas HB3834)Tandem, LLC12/19/19Principles of Information Security, Best Practices to Safeguard Information & Information Systems, Awareness of Information Security Threats, Threat Actors, Risks, and Attacks, Identifying, Responding to, and Reporting Information Security Threats1 hourYesEnglish; Spanish (Coming Soon)

Kyle Andersen



Prevent-A-Breach: Cybersecurity AwarenessTBG Solutions Inc.11/14/19ID Theft Fraud, Data Breach Facts, ID Theft and Data Breaches from your Social Media Profile, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Whaling/CEO Phishing, Vishing, Malware, Best Practices1.5 hoursYesEnglishDaniel Seguin
PII ProtectTechnology Assets, LLC. DBA, Global Asset10/31/19PII Protect1 hour 15 minutesYesEnglish

Britt Siedentopf

972-695-8600 ext. 5041


TAGD Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingTexas Alliance of Groundwater Districts3/17/20TAGD Cybersecurity Awareness Training1 hourYes 

Julia Stanford



(Training program is only available to TAGD members.)

Information Security Awareness TrainingTexas Rural Water Association4/24/20What is Information Security, What is Cybersecurity, Recognizing the Risks, Cyber Attacks, Latest Hacker Tactics/Threats, Creating Passwords, Securing Passwords, Fraudulent Emails, High Value Targets, Email Best Practices, Vishing, Malware, USB Drives, Social Engineering, Protecting Your Information, Internet Browsing Best Practices, Phones and Mobile Devices, Incident Reporting1 hourNoEnglish

Nichol Howell

(512) 472-8591


(Training program is only available to TRWA members and other small and rural Texas water and/or wastewater utilities.)

1hr Security Awareness Training CertificationTriton Consulting Group, LLC3/5/200.0 Introduction, 0.1 Program and program provider profile and details, 1.0 Course Overview, Introductions and Ground rules, 1.2 The Principles of Information Security, 1.2 Best Practices to Safeguard Information (All Forms) and Information Systems, 2.1 Defining security terms including 'threat,' 'threat actor,' 'risk,' and 'attack', 2.2 Identifying, responding to, and reporting on information security threats and suspicious activity, 3.0 Post Identification Examination Survey1 hourYesEnglish



Trustwave SAECybersecurity EducationTrustwave12/3/19The SAE courses are as follows: AWA 002 Incorporating PCI DSS into BAU, AWA 005 PCI DSS for Retail Associates, AWA 015 PCI Compliance,  AWA 004 Introduction to Security Awareness, AWA 007 Information Privacy and Security Awareness for Executives, AWA 008 Information Privacy-Classifying Data, AWA 009 Information Privacy-Protecting Data,  AWA 010 Email Security, AWA 012 Malware Awareness, AWA 013 Mobile Security, AWA014 Password Security, AWA 016 Phishing Awareness, AWA 017 Physical Security, AWA 018 Social Engineering Awareness, AWA 019 Travel Security, JRT 001 Secure Practices for Retail Associates, JRT 002 Secure Practices for Retail Managers, JRT 003 Secure Practices for Call Center Associates, JRT 004 Secure Practices for Call Center Managers, ADV 002 Exploring Security Trends 3 hoursYesEnglish; Most SAE courses available in German and Spanish

Thomas Muhr


 Texas Cybersecurity Awareness for EmployeesVector Solutions1/24/20Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: End-User Best Practices- Course Overview- Internet Utilization, Wireless Security- Safe Website Surfing- Safe Computer Usage- Password Management- Conclusion, Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Security Awareness Essentials- Course Overview- Phishing- Social Media- Conclusion, Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Classifying and Safeguarding Data for Corporate and Personal Use- Course Overview- Corporate- Personal vs. Business Use- Data Management- Risks Associated with Mobile Devices- Conclusion Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Social Engineering- Course Overview- Phishing- Spear Phishing- Social Media- Identity Theft and PII- Conclusion2 hoursYes 

Ellen Sakamoto



Security Awareness TrainingVirtualis Solutions, LLC4/24/20Fundamental Concepts, Malware, Social Engineering, Passwords, Sensitive Information, Physical & Digital Forms of Information, Physical Security & Controls, Cybersecurity, Sanitization & Disposal, Reporting & Responding2 hoursYesEnglish

Virtualis Training



Wizer Security Awareness TrainingWizer Inc.4/24/20Security Awareness Training, Employee On-Boarding, Insider Threat, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, Executive Training, Home and Family, Working From Home1 hourYesEnglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German

Rich Malewicz



Cybersecurity Awareness - TexasWORKS International, Inc.2/7/201 module: Cybersecurity Awareness -Texas.75 hoursYesCurrently the program is available in English, but will be available in Spanish and French shortly.

Tina Hegner

513-631-6111 ext 7018



*State agencies are bound by state procurement regulations and therefore must select a program that is offered through DIR's cooperative contracts.  If a state agency wants to procure an item available from DIR's contracts and services program through an avenue other than a DIR contract, the agency must request an exemption.

State Agency, Institution of Higher Education, or Local Government In-House Training Programs

Note: Only training programs that indicate 'Yes' in the Willing to Share column are available for use by other organizations.  Contact the Point of Contact for additional details.

Training Program Name Training Program Provider Date Certified Willing to Share Modules Included in Training Program

Estimated Duration of Training Program**


Program Includes an Assessment of Learning Outcomes** Available Languages** Point of Contact**
OAG Information Security General User TrainingAttorney General, Office of the 2/21/20NoGeneral User Security Awareness Training    
CYBERSECURITY - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Understanding how to protect student data and our information resources.Blind and Visually Impaired, School for the2/21/20YesPrinciples of cybersecurity and defining types of data. Best practices for safeguarding electronic information and information resources. Best practices for detecting, accessing and addressing cybersecurity threats. How to respond to and report on cybersecurity threats and suspicious activity..75 - 1 hourYesEnglish

Craig Abbe



CISD Cyber Security Awareness TrainingCanyon ISD10/31/19YesInformation Security Communications Digital Footprint Information Awareness Security and Privacy Social Media Creative Rights3 HoursYesEnglish

Michael Keough



Cyber security Awareness TrainingCity of Killeen11/14/19YesCyber Security Training Powerpoint1.5 hoursYesEnglishWillie Resto
Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingCleburne ISD3/17/20YesThe Principals of Information Security; Best Practices Safeguard Information and Information Systems; Awareness - What is a security threat?; Awareness - Who are threat actors?; Awareness - What is a security risk?; Awareness - What is an attack?; Identify Security Threats; Respond and Report Security Threats; What did you learn? (assessment).5 hoursYesEnglish, SpanishMichael Wallace
Security and Accessibility Awareness TrainingCoordinating Board, Higher Education10/31/19NoSecurity_Awareness_Training_Deck: Security_Awareness_Training_Quiz    
Security Awareness TrainingDenton County2/21/20No20190701-Security-Awareness    
Cyber Security Malware AwarenessEl Paso County2/7/20YesIntroduction, Malware, Information Security, Risk, Phishing, Email Reputation, Malware Protection, Safeguards, Data Sanitization, Social Engineering2 hoursYesEnglish

Rene Luna


915-546-2041 Ext. 4514


Chris Martin


915-546-2041 Ext. 5022

HB 3834 - Cyber Security Awareness TrainingFrisco Independent School District4/8/20YesInformation regarding HB 3834 requirement and the Why; The course learning - Google Slide presentation; The course assessment - 10 question quiz;  Google form that creates a Course Certificate of Completion for each participant1 hourYes 

Cheryl McDonald



HHS Information Security and Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingHealth & Human Services Commission11/14/19NoIntroduction Module, Protecting Confidential Information, Protecting Information Resources, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Reporting, Summary & Assessment    
Hidalgo County - Cybersecurity Training CourseHidalgo County1/10/20YesIdentify information security its many forms and data classification, Best practices against unauthorized access, Best practices for secure storage of information, Best practices for secure disposal of information both sensitive and confidential, Threats and Threat Actors defined, Risk and Vulnerabilities simplified, Attacks and attack vectors explained, Phishing, Spear phishing, Whaling, Malware, Dangers of WiFi, Email safety concerning phishing and spear phishing, Spoofing clarified, Mobile device security, Cloud applications and safety, Digital footprint and Social Media discussion on dangers, Password best practices, USB drives and unknown dangers, Social Engineering and Ransomware made clear, Costs of Social Engineering, Recap on what was discussed2 hoursYesEnglish

Daniel Salinas



Digital Data SafetyHouston ISD3/5/20YesI. Introduction, II. Data Privacy & Security, III. What NOT to DO, IV. Phishing, V. New for 2020/Disposing and Sanitizing Information Systems1 hourYesEnglish

Scott Gilhousen



JISD Cyber Security TrainingJudson Independent School District4/8/20YesPowerpoint presentation1 hourYesEnglish

LC Malone



Security Awareness TrainingKilgore College1/24/20NoUnit 1 - The Principles of Information Security, Part A - Information Security, Part B - Types of Information, Part C - Information Forms and Locations, Unit 2 - Safeguarding Information and Information Systems, Part A - Preventing Unauthorized Access, Part B - Preventing Unauthorized Use, Part C - Securely Storing Information, Part D - Securely Disposing and Sanitizing Information, Unit 3 - Threats, Threat Actors, Risks, and Attacks, Unit 3 - Threats, Threat Actors, Risks, and Attacks, Part A - Risks, Vulnerabilities, Incidents, Events, Part B - Threats and Threat Actors, Part C - Attacks, Unit 4 - Identifying, Responding, and Reporting, Unit 4 - Identifying, Responding, and Reporting, Part A - General Tips, Part B - Identifying and Responding to Specific Attacks, Part C - Reporting Attacks    
Cybersecurity Training & Awareness ProgramMontgomery Central Appraisal District2/7/20YesPrinciples of Information Security; Safeguarding Information & Information Systems; Detecting, Assessing, Reporting & Addressing Information Security Threats; Awareness of How to Identify, Respond to, and Report on Information Security Threats and Suspicious Activity; Using Wi-Fi; Email Communication; Mobile Device Security; The "Cloud"; Digital Footprint; Passwords; Hacking USB Drives1 hourYesEnglish, can be converted with Google

Willie Schafer



Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingSam Houston State University3/5/20NoSection 1: Information Security Habits and Procedures to Protect Information Resources, Section 2: Best Practices to Safeguard Information and Information Systems , Section 3: Detecting, Assessing, Reporting and Addressing Information Security Threats, Section 4: Identifying, Responding To, and Reporting Threats and Suspicious Activity, Section 5: Conclusion    
San Antonio River Authority Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingSan Antonio River Authority2/21/20YesSan Antonio River Authority Cybersecurity Awareness Training1 hourYesEnglish

George Guerra 



SBISD Cybersecurity TrainingSpring Branch ISD12/3/19YesLearning Outcomes, What is Information Security, What types of information responsible for safeguarding, Principles of Information Security, Data Classifications, Forms and Locations, Safeguarding Information and Information Systems, Best practices for safeguarding against unauthorized access, Best practices for securely storing information, Best practices for disposing and sanitizing information and information systems, Detecting, Assessing, Reporting and Address Information Security Threats, What is the meaning "Threat", What are common "Threat Actors", What is the meaning of "Risk", What is the meaning of "Attach", Awareness of How to Identify, Respond to and Report, How to identify indicators of common attacks, How to respond and report common attacks, Dangers of Free Internet, Email Communication, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Spoofing, Mobile Device Security, Cloud, Digital Footprint, Passwords, USB Drives, Responsibility, Reporting1 hourYes 

Troy Neal



Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Sul Ross State University

Sull Ross State University;

Sull Ross State University Rio Grande College

3/17/20YesInformation security habits and procedures that protect information resources; The Principles of Information Security; Best Practices to Safeguard Information (All Forms) and Information Systems; Best practices for detecting, assessing, reporting, and addressing information security threats; Awareness of the meaning of information security 'threat,' 'threat actor,' 'risk,' and 'attack.';  Awareness of how to identify, respond to, and report on information security threats and suspicious activity.5 hoursYesEnglish

David Gibson



3001: Information Security AwarenessTexas A&M University System Administration10/31/19YesThe data you need to protect; Protect your data; Protect your accounts; Protect yourself; Protect your devices1 – 1 hour and 30 minutesYesEnglish

Guy Miller



(Can share program content; Cannot provide access to online platform/ LMS)

Information Security BasicsTexas Engineering Extension Service (A&M)10/31/19YesInformation Security Overview; Security Concepts; TCP/IP Networking; Network Security; Operating System Security; Encryption13 HoursYesEnglish

Diane Cornwell



Essentials of Community CybersecurityTexas Engineering Extension Service (A&M)12/19/19YesModule 0: Introduction; Module 1: Cyber Scope and Impacts; Module 2: Cyber Threats Module; 3: Community Cybersecurity4 hoursYesEnglish

Carla Collins


Cyber Security Awareness TrainingTexas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP)12/19/19YesWhat Is Information Security?, The 4 Pillars of Information Security, Threats to Our Security, Cyber Risk, What Is An Attack?, How To Recognize Common Attacks, Types Of Tactics Used, Reporting An Attack, Training, Conclusion1 hourYesEnglish; A Spanish version is forthcoming.

Tamara Chafin



Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingTexas Tech University10/31/19YesCybersecurity Awareness Training30 – 45 minutesYesEnglish

Sam Segran



Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingTexas Tech University System10/31/19YesCybersecurity Awareness Training

30 – 45 minutes



Sam Segran



Information Security TrainingTexas Woman's University4/24/20YesIntroduction, What's Information Security?, Password, Physical Information Security, Use Information Resources Appropriately, Inappropriate Use of Resources, Protecting Data, Data Security Best Practices, Remote Access, Remote Access via VPN, Threats & Vulnerabilities, Email, Scams, & Spam, Email Security, Social Engineering, Spear Phishing, Information Security Policy1 - 1.5 hoursYesEnglish

Jinlan Du



Cybersecurity Awareness at TWCTexas Workforce Commission10/31/19NoIntroduction (Overview, Navigation, Guiding Principles)Internet and Extranet Use (including Emails, Spam, and Password Safety) Hardware and Portable/Mobile Hardware Usage Standards, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Privacy, Cybersecurity Threats and Risks (including Identifying and Reporting) Cybersecurity Resources Usage Agreement (P-41)    
Cybersecurity Awareness at TWC 2020Texas Workforce Commission4/1/20YesIntroduction, Objectives, Usage, Internet, Anti-spam, Passwords, Hardware, PII, Know the Rules, Handling PII, Privacy, Threats, Risks, Security Training, Form P-41.75 hoursYesEnglish



Cybersecurity at TxDOTTransportation, Department of10/31/19YesOne module that covers: Layers of Security, Hacking, + Hacking Social Engineering-Passwords-Repercussions-Service Desk, Email Links and Phishing-Phishing Strategies, Phishing, Test Your Understanding, State Property Use, Unauthorized Software, Appropriate Use, Social Networking, Using Wi-Fi, Using Browsers, Mobile Device Security, Personally Identifiable Information, PII - Safeguarding Sensitive or Confidential Information, Insider Threat, If You Think You've been Hacked, Conclusion, Acknowledgment, Final Exam1 HourYesEnglish

TxDOT Information Security


TJC Annual Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingTyler Junior College1/24/20NoIntroduction to Information Security; Data Classification & Protection; Passwords; Email Security; Acceptable Use; Physical Security; Reporting security incidents    
Secure Our SystemsUniversity of Houston, University of Houston - Clear Lake, University of Houston - Downtown, University of Houston - Victoria, University of Houston System Administration10/31/19YesInformation Security Data Classification and Protection Information Security Incidents Best Practices to Safeguard Information & Information Systems Email Security Identity Theft Copyrighted Material Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Texas Medical Record Privacy Laws45 minutesYesEnglish, Spanish

Mary Dickerson



Information Security Awareness TrainingUniversity of Texas at El Paso2/21/20NoPrinciples of Information Security; Best Practices to Safeguard Information and Information Systems; Best Practices for Detecting, Assessing, reporting, and Addressing Information Security Threats; Identifying, Responding to, and Reporting Information Security Threats    
SCT100 FY 2019-2020 Information Security ComplianceUniversity of Texas at San Antonio10/31/19NoOne module broken into basic areas: Overview, Definitions, Spam, Phishing, and Malware, Data Categorization, Data Protection, Tracking Information  Resources, Backups, Incident Reporting, Data Disposal and Acceptable Use.    
Information Security - Best PracticesUniversity of Texas at Tyler12/3/19NoInformation Security Overview, Email Best Practices, General Best Practices, Password Best Practices, Laptop Security and Two Factor Authentication    
Information SecurityUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin1/24/20NoIntroduction to Information Security, UT Permian Basin Information Security, Protecting Confidential Information, Sharing Confidential Information, Verifying Identity, Keep a Clean Machine, Information Security Quiz    
FY2020 Information Security TrainingUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center10/31/19YesIntroduction\ Background; About Information Security; Security Terms; Types of and Storing Information; Forms, Locations, and Safeguarding; Secure Disposal; Intellectual Property; User Account Protections; Sharing Data; Campus Groups to Learn; Policies; Secure Remote Access; Mobile Computing; International Travel with Data; ID Protection; Indicators and Types of Attacks; Institution attack types; Email Attacks and security; How to report attacks and security events1 HourYesEnglish

Nathan Routen



UT System Information Resources: Use, Security, & Privacy TrainingUniversity of Texas System Administration12/3/19YesUT System Information Resources Use, Security, Privacy Training30 minutesYesEnglish

Becki Mendivil



WCAD HB3834 Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingWaller County Appraisal District2/21/20Yes1. informational e-course; 2. assessment questions; 3. informational video1 hourYesEnglish

Matt Schiel

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Hybrid Training Programs

Note: Hybrid training programs are not available for use by other organizations.

Training Program Name Training Program Provider Date Certified
CSEC CyberSecurity Awareness ProgramCommission on State Emergency Communication11/7/19
Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) – Submitted by ePay Systems1/24/20
New Employee Information Security TrainingInsurance, Department of10/31/19
TDLR's Proofpoint/ Wombat Security Awareness, Phishing and cyber assessmentsLicensing and Regulation, Dept of11/7/19
SAWS Cybersecurity EssentialsSan Antonio Water System11/7/19
TTUHSC El Paso Annual Security TrainingTexas Tech University Health Science Center at El Paso11/7/19
UTHealth 2020 Security Awareness Compliance TrainingThe University of Texas Health Science Center At Houston11/14/19
UTHSA Security Awareness Training for ContractorsUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio10/31/19
2020 TWDB Security Awareness TrainingWater Development Board2/7/20