Register a Domain Name for a State Agency

interior ot Texas state capitol dome 

Using a  domain name assures citizens that your domain represents an official, trusted Texas state agency.   The standard naming convention is {agencyacronym} (i.e., If your requested name is not consistent with the standard, it will be considered an exception. See Domain Name Exception Process for more information.

Step 1. Submit a Name​

TIMESAVING TIP: Check the list of Approved Domain Names to determine if your agency has​ a registered domain name. 

Complete the Domain Name Registration Form and submit.

  • DIR will review your requested domain name to make sure it conforms to policy and respond within five business days.
  • DIR will notify you if your requested domain name is approved. If it is approved, proceed to Step 2.         

Step 2. Activate Your Domain

To make your approved domain name visible on the Internet:

  • Email the DIR technical team​ and request activation.
  • Within five business days, DIR will contact you to complete the testing and activation. 

Have questions? Email the Domain Name Registrar for more information.​