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Xerox Corporation [DIR-CPO-4412]
Xerox offers Xerox branded hardware and related services for printers, scanners, Copier, and document management. Additional products and services include: Purchase, lease, rental and Manage Print Ser...

Xerox Corporation [DIR-TSO-4289]
Xerox Corporation offers Xerox® Workflow Platform software, Audit Management and Analytics Tools & Reporting solutions. Contract may be used by state and local government, public education, other publ...

Xerox Corporation [DIR-DCS-SCP-MSA-003]
Xerox Corporation is one of the Data Center Services (DCS) Service Component Providers (SCPs). Xerox provides bulk print and mail services. State agencies, institutions of higher education, local gove...

Dell Marketing LP [DIR-TSO-3763]
This contract offers Dell branded computers, laptops, tablets, servers, printers, peripherals and other technology products and services through this contract. Dell offers their entire product catalog...

Atos IT Solutions and Services, Inc. [DIR-DCS-SCP-MSA-002]
Atos is one of the Data Center Services (DCS) Service Component Providers (SCPs). Atos delivers infrastructure services for mainframes, servers, networks and data center operations. State agencies, in...

Hyland Software, Inc. [DIR-TSO-3734]
Hyland Software offers software products and related services through this contract. Available brands, products, and services include: Hyland. Customers can purchase directly through this DIR contract...

DIR-TSO-3409 Appendix D Digital Alternatives agreement Appendix D Digital Alternatives agreement.pdf
DIR-TSO-3409 Appendix D

DIR-CPO-4412 Appendix H Services Agreement Appendix H Services Agreement.pdf
Appendix H Services Agreement

DIR-TSO-3043 Appendix H Services Agreement4 Appendix H Services Agreement4.pdf
DIR-TSO-3043 Appendix H

DIR-TSO-4289 Appendix D Services Agreement Appendix D Services Agreement.pdf
App D

Results 1 - 10 of 153

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