Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence

Texas witnessed a cloud transformation by having a center of excellence to fast track cloud adoption.  This very cloud success drives us towards creation of a Center of Excellence (CoE) around Artificial Intelligence (AI).  For the purposes of this initiative, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Natural Language Processing all fit within the AI umbrella. 

As we are addressing several new uses cases to drive government efficiencies as well as response to the Covid-19 pandemic impact, AI can support Texas agencies with digital assistants and automation to deliver services to Texans much faster and quicker. 

The AI CoE would be an educational endeavor, leveraging subject matter experts (SME) and working directly with agencies to help them manifest their AI CoE. Each CoE would be positioned explore AI opportunities and to develop a digital workplace that promotes automation as outlined in the state strategic plan.  As  stressed previously during cloud adoption launch, it's critically important that this initiative is NOT to do the work for the agency but rather to coach the agency through the learning process – that is to say  "teach the village to fish, not feed the village." 

For More Information

Please reach out to Krishna Edathil, Director of ESS and Lead, Texas Cloud Tiger Team.

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