Consolidated Billing

DIR Telecom customers have the advantage of receiving a single, consolidated monthly invoice via our online portal. This includes all charges for voice, data, long distance usage, toll-free usage, CCTS charges and DIR network services.  

Note: Wireless services purchased through the vendor are direct-billed through the vendor, not DIR. 

How our consolidated billing process works:

  • You will receive an Invoice Ready Notice via email on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the notice will arrive the next business day. 

  • The invoice is in PDF format. 

  • Your invoice data is also available in either CSV or Tab Delimited formats upon request.

What you need to do:

  • Log in to the Customer Service Portal

  • Review your invoice within 21 days of receipt. 

  • Validate the accuracy of charges and submit payment. 

Find a problem or need to dispute a charge?   

  • Follow the Telecom Billing Dispute Process below. 

  • DIR works with the vendor(s) to resolve disputed charges so you don’t have to. Please contact the DIR Telecom Billing Team, not the vendor. 

Have confidence!  

DIR’s Telecom Billing Team audits and validates the charges each month.  If a billing error, dispute, or tax question is raised, we will work with the vendor to resolve the issue on your behalf.

DIR Telecom Billing Dispute Process

To initiate a billing dispute, please contact the Telecom Billing Team and provide the following details:

  • Invoice Number and Invoice Date 

  • Disputed Amount 

  • Reason for Dispute 

  • CKR and Circuit ID 

  • Phone Number 

  • CCTS Work Order Number or Purchase Order Number if applicable 

Send the dispute email request within 21 days of invoice receipt to:

Keep your billing contacts up-to-date: 

  • If you need to update your invoice recipient, simply call or email the Telecom Billing Team.  Our contact information is below:


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