Exemption Rules and Requests

State agencies must use the consolidated telecommunication system to the fullest extent possible, including internet for the main office and any office that has over 25 workstations.  (Texas Administrative Code 2170.051)

If the state agency remote office with 1-25 workstations needs internet service see our SOHO page.

State agencies that wish to purchase communications services through non-TEX-AN vendors should submit an exemption request. 

The following items, at minimum, are needed to process an exemption request and obtain a waiver: 

  • Vendor quote(s) 
  • Statement of specific need(s) 
  • Statement as to how your agency will secure the connection and equipment 
  • DIR may ask for additional documents depending on the request 

Request an Exemption

State Agencies can submit requests for exemptions to DIR for review. Requests must be approved by DIR to be granted the exemption.

Exemption Request Evaluation Procedures  

DIR will acknowledge receipt of the request via automated email. You may receive additional email requests for documentation. DIR will have a maximum of 15 business days from date of receipt for evaluation.  An automated email will be sent upon approval or denial. Keep this email for your records. Waivers are good for three (3) years. 

Expedited Exemption Request  

A state agency may submit an expedited exemption request, which DIR will process within three (3) business days. This request must be submitted via the portal and marked “Expedite”. 

  • Include the same documentation for a standard exemption. 

  • A statement from the agency head (or their designee) that describes the situation and why an expedited review is needed. 

About File Formats

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