Wireless, Conferencing, Satellite & Other Telecom Managed Services

Note: DIR is excited to introduce the new iteration of TEX-AN 2021, that will aim to pull the services listed on this page under the TEX-AN contract. Please continue to check this page for future updates.

Using DIR Wireless, Conferencing, Satellite & Other Telecom Managed Services Contracts, every dollar you save is money you can spend on your mission-critical services. No matter what technology or IT services you need, we are ready to help.

DIR's pre-negotiated contracts for telecommunication services span a broad range including wireless products and services (hardware, software, and services for wireless voice, data, pagers, and satellite voice, and mobile), conferencing services (audio, video, and web conferencing, and webcasting services only), and Other Telecom Managed Services. 

Texas state agencies must use these contracts to order through the actual providers (vendors). Institutions of higher education and other eligible entities may also order through these vendors. Learn more about Customer Eligibility.

For services offered under the Communications Technology Services (CTS) Telecom Program including TEX-AN and CCTS, please review the section below for Telecom Services.

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Categories of Other Telecommunication Equipment & Services

Disclaimer - DIR Contracts are constantly being awarded and expired and change on a daily basis. All contracts awarded under a Request for Offer (RFO) may not include all products or services listed on the RFO, review contract documents carefully to find more about contract product offerings and order instructions.

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The portfolio of conferencing services offered through DIR Telecom contracts is service-based and does not offer hardware or software products.  Any products needed to deliver final services must be procured through another contract vehicle. Services include:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Webcasting

Learn more about Conferencing Services Contracts awarded under RFO 427 (DIR-TSO-TMP-427).

The portfolio of products and services offered through these Telecom contracts include:

  • Wireless hardware, products and services for wireless voice, data, pagers and satellite voice, network-neutral cellular signal boosters, and mobile satellite voice equipment
  • Mobile satellite voice equipment (satellite phones)
  • Pagers
  • Wireless equipment (cellphones, smartphones, accessories, wireless air cards, etc.)
  • Wireless voice and data

Learn more about Wireless Equipment, Satellite & Related Services awarded under RFO 234 (DIR-TSO-TMP-234).

The portfolio of Telecom Managed Services includes management of customer-owned equipment or vendor-provided equipment.  Management of the following technologies can be supported either in a hosted or non-hosted environment. Services include:

  • Management of call-processing architecture
  • Call Center or Contact Center Services
  • IVR/Auto-Attendant
  • Phone Systems Management (PBX, key system, etc.) or Integration
  • Network Optimization
  • Management of Voice and/or Data Networks

Learn more about Telecommunication Managed Services Contracts awarded under RFO 262 (DIR-TSO-TMP-262)

Categories for Telecom Services offered under the Telecom Program

TEX-AN Services include:

  • Long Distance telephone service (other than CCTS)
  • Switched / Dedicated Toll-Free Services
  • Voice-Over IP (VoIP) and Data
  • Local VoIP
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Video Services
  • Access and Access Circuits; Data Circuits
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Internet
  • Fixed Satellite
  • Point-to-Point Data Circuits
  • Next Gen 9-1-1 Services

CCTS Services include:

  • Telephone service within the Texas Capitol complex
Communications Technology Services

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