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Marcus Montemayor

Phone: (512) 439-9533

Fax: 512-870-4388

DIR Contact:

Stacie Flenoy

Contract Overview

DIR has awarded a contract to AT&T Corp. for Managed Security Services (MSS).

MSS is comprised of three Service Components:

  • Security Monitoring and Device Management (SMDM). SMDM Services manage and monitor security devices, which includes managed firewalls (including web application firewalls), host-based intrusion prevention systems, endpoint device management, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and malware detection/prevention systems. SMDM also includes Security Information and Event Management, threat research and analysis, and Security Operations Center (SOC) services. SMDM includes the installation, configuration, and management of associated equipment.
  • Incident Response. Incident Response Services assist Customers in the event of a security incident. Services include response to and resolution of security incidents (e.g., damaging events, computer intrusions, service disruption, security compromises, and inadvertent data disclosure or loss) and digital forensics, (e.g., performing recovery and investigation of material or artifacts found in Customer’s digital device). Incident Response Services also include proactive security response preparedness through development of security response plans.
  • Risk and Compliance. Risk and Compliance Services help the Customer identify, remediate, monitor, and manage enterprise risks through Services such as controlled penetration testing and security vulnerability assessments. Risk and Compliance Services also assist Customers in validating and meeting compliance requirements of state, federal, or industry regulations.

Services are available to all eligible Texas DIR Customers, with the exception of some services that are already provided to DCS customers through the DCS contracts. All MSS Customers will be required to have an Interagency Contract (IAC) or Interlocal Contract (ILC) in place with DIR before Service.

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Visit this Vendor’s website to view the latest product, service, and pricing information.

More Information

Visit this Vendor’s website to view the latest product, service, and pricing information.

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