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Karen Fairchild

Phone: (214) 445-3508

Fax: (214) 373-4188

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Mario Gutierrez

Phone: (512) 463-8989

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Flair Data System offers Miscellaneous Cloud Services. Flair Data offers, Miscellaneous cloud Services for Qlik, Varonis, Digital Signage, and Nutanix. Flair Data Systems provide Data Analytics as a Service, Data Security Identification as a Service for DatAdavantage Windows, Data Priviledge for SharePoint, DatAdvantage for Unix, DatAdvantage for SharePoint Lite, IDU Classification Framework, DCF for Unix, DCF for SharePoint Online, DCF for OneDrive: IDU Framework Connector, DatAdvantage for Exchange, DatAdvantage for Directory Service, DatAnywhere for External Users, Data Transport Engine, DatAlert Analytics, DatAlert Suite, DatAnswers for Windows, DatAnswers for SharePoint and SharePoint on Line, DatAnswers for OneDrive, DatAdvantage for OneDrive, DatAdvantage for OneDrive Lite, DatAdvantage for EC Online Lite, Automation Kit, Cloud Integration Services, On site Training and Technical Services. Flair Data Systems, Contract may be used by state and Local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. This contract has no resellers. DIR has exercised the automatic renewal option for this Contract. This renewal extends the contract through 5/10/2023.

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Vendor Website

Visit this Vendor’s website to view the latest product, service, and pricing information.

More Information

Vendor Website

Visit this Vendor’s website to view the latest product, service, and pricing information.

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