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Capgemini America, Inc.

Capgemini America, Inc., offers deliverables-based information technology services (DBITS) through this contract, specifically: Technology Category 1: Application Development, Maintenance, and Support, Technology Upgrade, Migration, and Transformation; and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Technology Category 2: Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, Analytics, and Automation, including Data Warehousing; Technology Category 3: IT Assessments, Planning, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Market Research, Procurement Advisory, and Contract Implementation Services; and Technology Category 4: Project and Program Management. This contract is for services ONLY. No hardware or software products may be sold through a DBITS contract. Resellers are not available for this DBITS contract.

Contract Number
Capgemini America, Inc.

Capgemini is the DIR shared services Multi-sourcing Services Integrator (MSI) for the State of Texas’ Shared Technology Services (STS) program (Click on Vendor Website link to learn more). The MSI role is to integrate and manage the services of the Service Component Providers (SCPs), which currently include the following: • Five Data Center Services (DCS) technology services: Server, Mainframe, Network, Data Center and Print/Mail • Three Managed Application Services (MAS) technology services: Application Development, Application Maintenance and MAS Rate Card Resources • Three Managed Security Services (MSS) technology services: Security Monitoring and Device Management (SMDM), Incident Response and Risk and Compliance DIR expects the shared technology services program to include additional SCPs in the future. Capgemini provides a next-generation MSI digital platform utilized by the DIR shared technology services SCPs and customers. Additionally, Capgemini provides service level management, service desk support, constituent help desk support, program management, business continuity, disaster recovery testing and planning, marketplace functionality, performance analytics and financial management. Texas state agencies, public institutions of higher education, local governments and public school districts are eligible customers for the DIR shared technology services program.

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