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As the world continuously becomes more reliant on technology, the need for cybersecurity vigilance increases. The information provided here is intended to help Texans better protect their personal information. 

Cybersecurity Best Practices 

All Texans need to remain vigilant and practice good cyber hygiene. The following are strong cyber practices everyone should consider: 

  • Do not open suspicious or unexpected links or attachments in emails. 

  • Hover over hyperlinks in emails to verify they are going to the anticipated site. 

  • Be aware of malicious actors attempting to impersonate legitimate staff and check the email sender name against the sender's email address. 

  • Use unique strong passwords or passphrases for all accounts. 

  • Do not provide personal or organizational information unless you are certain of the requestor's authority, identity, and legitimacy. 

  • Alert your IT staff or supervisor if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of any email, attachment, or link. 

  • Take advantage of available cybersecurity awareness training. 


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