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OCISO Educational Webinar: Securing All Platforms, Zero Trust, and Regulatory Compliance: Actionable Solution for Government Agencies

Thursday Jun 27, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm CDT


Presented by Oracle.

In an era marked by evolving threats and heightened cybersecurity concerns, government agencies are increasingly turning to cloud platforms to enhance operational efficiency while ensuring data security. This presentation delves into the realm of cloud platform technology with a keen focus on security considerations, offering valuable insights gleaned from a decade of experience working with governments across the nation.

Key topics include navigating the complexities of hybrid cloud environments, deciphering essential features, and asking the right questions to bolster security posture. Drawing from real-world scenarios, the session elucidates practical strategies for thwarting ransomware attacks, maintaining NIST compliance, and embracing the Zero Trust security framework.

Attendees will depart equipped with:
• A foundational understanding of cloud platform technology
• Criteria for evaluating cloud solutions and identifying critical security features
• Strategic approaches for comprehensive security framework planning
• Proactive measures to mitigate ransomware threats
• Readiness for implementing Zero Trust principles and subsequent steps

Join us to unravel the complexities of cloud security and fortify your agency's defenses against emerging cyber threats.

Date & Location

Date & Time

Thursday Jun 27, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm CDT



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