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Teams Talk: Teams/Workspaces

An educational session presented by Microsoft and sponsored by DIR.  Each session focuses on a specific part of Teams.  Content delivery should be about 45 minutes, followed by optional Q&A


Teams Talk: Teams/Workspaces

Tuesday, September 22nd Teams Training 11 a.m. CST: 

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 (No pre-registration. Delivered virtually via Teams Live Event)

This session will be a deep dive on all things "Teams Tab" related within Microsoft Teams. We will discuss everything from creating a team, to conversations and real time file collaboration. Please see the description below for learning objectives.


  • A Team is a workspace that you're either an owner or member of 
    • If you don't see any Teams, that means you're not yet a member 
    • If you're an owner, you can go to the settings and control various options 
    • Owners request Team creating
  • Teams are made up of channels and Tabs 
    • A channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department or project.  Conversations around that topic, department and project are held here and the channel can be customized with its own tabs to bring resources into one place. A channel also creates a "folder" for the channel's shared files
    • Tabs are a way to give team members quick accesses to resources.  A tab can link to Office 365 tools and more  
  • Customization of Teams (how to build a team) 
    • A group of people who work together can see everything in the workspace.  Channels are organized and then tabs are added.  This allows you to centralize and organize collaboration on a Team.  
    • To add a channel to a Team, you can click the ellipses to the right of the Team name
  • Best etiquette for chatting in a Team (Conversations Tab) 
    • Conversations in Teams are different than Chat because they are containerized. Instead of starting a new conversation, you will often "reply" to an existing conversation, so conversations and files shared stay together.  
    • Use all the great features from the Chat app (Rich text, @ mentions, etc.)
    • Meet in a channel to keep everyone in the Team informed (once meetings are enabled) 
  • Files Tab + More 
    • Navigation overview around Files tab  
    • Demonstrate co-authoring  
  • Etiquette tips 
    • Conversations 
      • Use formatting to be expressive, add a subject, make it bold 
      • Use the "reply" feature to create threads in Teams 
      • Tag people with @ mentions 
      • Consider using chat or a Teams conversation instead of sending an email 
    • Files 
      • Managing assets, don't create new versions of existing documents but instead share links within the chat or conversations 
      • Using autosave 
    • Add links to chats and conversations 
      • Use link button by going to Formatting icon and adding a hyperlink to text 
      • Use paperclip to add a link to a file  

Date & Location

Date & Time

Tuesday Sep 22, 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm CDT


Hosted virtually via Teams Live Event

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