IRM Roles and Responsibilities

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IRM Responsibilities

IRM Skills

Requirements in Government Code 2054 and Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 211

IRM Responsibilities

State agencies are required by law to have an Information Resources Manager (IRM) who is responsible for ensuring information resources are acquired appropriately and managed effectively in compliance with regulations and agency policies.

Job descriptions and duties are determined by the individual agencies; however, the IRM’s functions include:

  • Managing IT operations including human and financial resources
  • Planning and organizing IT investments and support for efficient and effective services
  • Overseeing management of major projects through implementation
  • Adopting IT standards, policies, practices, and procedures
  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders to exchange appropriate information
  • Coordinate with agency Information Security Officer and EIR Accessibility Coordinator
  • Reporting on the IT investment and benefits to executive management, the Legislature and DIR, including:
    • Biennial Operating Plan
    • Information Resources Deployment Review (IRDR)
    • Compliance with the agency's IT policies and procedures.

IRM Skills

  • A working knowledge of the IT environment of the agency and the state, including telecommunications
  • IT contract administration and management, preferably extensive multi-vendor oversight experience
  • A working knowledge of state requirements and policies for information resources
  • Demonstrated skills in decision-making, project management, and IT personnel management
  • IT strategic and operational planning
  • Managerial skills that address integrity, leadership, communications, supervision of technical staff, risk management, and vendor-customer-client relations

IRM Requirements

Learn about IRM requirements in Government Code 2054 and Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 211.

Information Resources Managers (IRMs)
IRM Orientation

DIR holds an IRM orientation several times a year. Geared for new IRMs or seasoned professionals just wanting a refresher.

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