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Texas VIRT Overview

Texas Government Code Section 2054.52002 directs the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to establish the Texas Volunteer Incident Response Team (VIRT) to provide rapid incident response assistance to participating entities impacted by a cybersecurity event.

The Texas VIRT is comprised of volunteers with expertise addressing cybersecurity events that supports Texas agencies, institutions of higher education, and local government organizations to respond to significant cybersecurity events.

VIRT Key Terms

  • Participating Entity

A state agency, including an institution of higher education, or a local government that receives incident response team assistance during a cybersecurity event.

  • Volunteer

An individual who provides rapid response assistance during a cybersecurity event, as part of the Incident Response Team.

VIRT Volunteers

VIRT volunteers serve under the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)’s direction and have the opportunity to use their cybersecurity expertise to support Texas entities throughout the state.

Incident response practitioners with expertise in addressing cybersecurity incidents or those with Information Technology and Project Management skills may apply for membership on the Texas VIRT by completing the VIRT Volunteer Application and submitting it to DIR for review.

VIRT Participating Entity

The goal of the VIRT is to provide support to those government organizations impacted by a major cybersecurity event and quickly restore impacted services.

As authorized by Texas Government Code Section 2054.52005, on the request of a participating entity, the Texas VIRT incident response team may respond to a cybersecurity event that affects multiple participating entities or is in response to a Governor’s disaster declaration to a cybersecurity event.


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Additional Documents

VIRT Sample Volunteer Contract (Coming Soon)
View a sample contract that VIRT volunteers sign when becoming a VIRT Volunteer.

VIRT Sample Participating Entity Memorandum of Understanding (Coming Soon)
View a sample MOU for VIRT participating entitles receiving VIRT support.


Please contact the Texas VIRT team for more information.   Please continue to send any requests for incident response support to DIR’s 24x7 security hotline: 877-DIR-CISO (877) 347-2476

Texas VIRT Team

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