Statewide Information Security Advisory Committee (SISAC)

SISAC aims to cross-pollinate ideas and best practices among its members and make recommendations to DIR for more effective information security operations amongst and within government entities. 

The committee, chartered by DIR in 2011, is made up of information security professionals from state and local government. 

SISAC convenes every other month and is led by the Chief Information Security Officer for the State of Texas. The executive sponsor of SISAC is the Deputy Executive Director. 

SISAC subcommittees will spin up as needed to cover specific areas. The current subcommittees are: 

  • Education and Communication Subcommittee - Evaluates current and future education and communication activities.

  • Solutions Subcommittee - Evaluates solutions to common problems and shares best practices among agencies.  

  • Statewide Incident Response Planning Subcommittee - Coordinates with state and federal partners to maintain the state's incident response plan and understand current incident response capabilities.

  • Threat Intelligence Standardization and Automation Subcommittee - Evaluates solutions to make threat intelligence easy to integrate for stakeholders at all levels of operational cyber maturity. 

  • Policy Subcommittee - Provides a forum for the evaluation of current and proposed policies and governance tools to meet the ongoing needs of the State of Texas.

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